10 Tricks for Maintaining Good Posture (So You Can Save Your Back)

If your mom ever told you to stand up straight, she was trying to help you save your back! Whether she knew it or not, good posture can actually help you stay standing tall well into old age. May is Posture Month, so we’ve got some tips and tricks on maintaining your spine for wellbeing [...]

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Take Good Care of Your Administrative Professionals

Do you have administrative professionals (including virtual assistants) working from home? These professionals do a lot of work, for both big and small businesses... especially the things we business owners don’t really want to do, frankly! Recognize your admins on Administrative Professionals Day, April 28. Even better than flowers? Keeping them safe and comfortable in their home office.

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Working from home during the pandemic? Get comfortable for less than $40!

Did you have a sit-stand desk setup at the office? If you’ve got a folding table, you can recreate it at home! Even if you didn’t have one at work, you can try it out at home with your folding table.

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Job making your weight scale GROAN?

According to a recent study, working at an office plays a role in weight gain. Nearly two-thirds blame the workplace for their struggle with their scales. Nine out of ten gainers agree that the office played a role. As most of us know, me included, it’s a lot easier to gain the weight than to [...]

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