9 Top Strategies To Simplify Your Busy Life

Modern life is fast-moving and complicated. Make no mistake, there are a lot of companies that benefit financially from our overly complex lives! But the human brain didn’t develop in our always-on culture and fast-moving environment.  Making things slower and simpler makes it easier for human beings to enjoy life. But how exactly do you [...]

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8 Ideas for Skipping the Soap-on-a-Rope This Father’s Day

How about keeping Dad (or another man in your life) safe and healthy for Father’s Day instead? We’ve got some ideas!   What are the activities that keep him happy? Just like women do, men need some time to do their favorite things for their mental health, which keeps their brains happy and healthy. Maybe [...]

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Like to Sew? 12 Advantages You Enjoy

Happy National Sewing Month! Many of our clients are crafters, quilters, and people who sew so we’re dedicating this article to you and your creativity. You already know that sewing is a great outlet for self-expression, but did you know there are additional benefits to your craft?

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Lift Your Table™…Save Your Back!

We’ve told you a little bit about our story before. We started as caterers and had to find a solution for helping our workers’ aching backs. They were working from folding tables that were simply too low.  Flash forward thousands of sets later, we now know fully how our folding table risers can work for you in your home or business.

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The Story Behind Lift Your Table™ Folding Table Risers

February 11 is National Inventor’s Day! Some of our readers know how we got started with our risers, but many of you don’t. Our story explains why we’re so passionate about saving the backs of other people… because we had to save ours to make it happen!

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