Uses for Table Risers

The uses for folding table risers reach much farther than just the office. Professionals in a wide range of careers and trades can use table risers to raise their work tables in their daily work lives. Whether you are an exhibitor, you work from home, you assemble things or you are a craftsperson, our table leg extenders can help reduce back pain and neck strain so you can stay more energized, work longer, and be more productive.


Lift Your Table’s® table leg extenders are the perfect solution for an exhibitor who needs to stand during trade shows and other events where they may display their product, service, or information. Anyone who has ever done a trade show knows the constant bending down over a folding table at an awkward angle quickly leads to back fatigue and neck discomfort. With our risers, the table is at a convenient height to stand upright with good posture which allows you to be relaxed while you present. Your booth visitors will also stay longer because they are also more comfortable perusing whatever you have on your tabletops. One of the best features? Our table risers are easily portable so you can take them wherever you travel due to their lightweight design while allowing you to keep your table strong and sturdy.

Warehouse Workers

Safety managers love our table risers where workers often are packing, assembling, and sorting product. They also use them to create a quick standing desk for employees who need to stand and work or quickly write things down. Without the extenders, workers have to hunch over tables or even sit when they need to quickly complete a task. Improper posture may lead to back pain resulting in lower productivity, missed work days, call off’s and worker comp claims.

Craftsman and Artists

Crafters, sewers, DJ’s, Groomers…All love our risers becasue they quickly give the benefit of a standing desk. For crafters and sewers, they love the ability to to take their higher work surface with them wherever they travel (including shows, guild meetings, etc.) DJ’s can “scratch” all night long in back comfort with the proper posture, if the table is the proper height. With our folding table extenders, anyone can turn their folding table into a higher workspace and enjoy the increased productivity, energy, and comfort that standing gives your body.

Restaurants, Caterers, Hotels

Food service and hospitality love our risers because they improve the ergonomics and safety of the workplace for employees and they make guests more comfortable by raising the service service. Used in many ways from helping waiters better grab food trays, to raising buffet tables, laundry folding surfaces and more!

Accountants, Attorneys, Professionals, Offices

Accountants assembling tax packets, attorneys sorting evidence, groomers and pet showers all benefit from raising their work surfaces. Offices use the product at the mail table and in the break room to lift tables and save backs!

School Administrators and Teachers

Schools use our folding table risers in a variety of applications from raising teacher’s tables used as teaching podiums in the front of the room, to lifting science, technology and art projects to the proper working height, to creating standing desks for special needs students who work better standing vs. sitting at desks.

Party Hosts / Entertaining

Uses for our folding table risers include more than just for work—you them for parties and whenever you entertain! Tail gating parties, a food serving buffet stations, etc. Create a situation where your guests can avoid the awkward half bend and spend more time enjoying themselves at your get together.

Home Uses

Extend kitchen counter space for cooking, projects, and entertaining. Create a more comfortable laundry folding table, gift wrap or craft all night long – the uses are endless! We love to say: Lift Your Table®…Save Your Back!