How to Install Table Leg Extensions

Converting your ordinary folding table to a standing workstation couldn’t be easier:  Start at one end of the table. Lift the end up and  insert two risers. Go to the opposite end of the table, insert the remaining two risers.  It’s that easy! See both sizes installed in the short video here:

Depending on how tall you would like your table to stand, you’ll need to choose the correct table risers. We offer a selection of table risers in varying heights including standard (36” – commonly referred to as kitchen counter height) to bar/demo height (42”) to super display height (48″) and everything in between.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please pay attention to the design of your folding table legs when deciding on which table leg extensions to purchase.  If your table has a curved leg or “wishbone” shaped design, you can use the standard, custom, standing desk kit or XL sets.  However, if your table has an “H” or “T” shaped design, you’ll need the straight leg kit.  Also, there are some designs we do NOT have a solution for.  Please view the “YES” “NO” photos of compatible tables before purchasing. Unsure? Just email or text us a photo of your table before purchase. Remember, we back every purchase with a 100% TOTAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, but it’s better to check the compatibility first to avoid any frustration.