Benefits of Table Height Extenders

Whether you use a folding table every day or just for special events and expos, the benefits of table height extenders are worth investing in. Lift Your Table® manufactures a variety of different table leg risers to provide easy and effective solutions to your workstation problems. The ORIGINATOR of the category, we design and carry a wide range of folding table height risers to enhance your comfort and productivity. Whether your folding table has bent or straight legs, we have options for you. The specific design of each model will not affect your table’s sturdiness. Our collection includes various height options, such as 36” (standard height), 42” (bar height), and our 48” (super display size). This makes it easy to find a size that best meets your needs.

When comparing the benefits of table height extenders to other height adjustment options for folding tables, it’s easy to see why our folding table leg risers are best. The benefits of our standing folding table solution include: budget-friendly, durable, professional, safe, and easily portable.


Our table leg risers are an effective and budget-friendly standing solution. They eliminate the need for a specialty table, which can cost hundreds of dollars. Our risers simply slide over the existing legs of your table to increase the height.


We manufacture our products using quality materials with great attention to detail. This ensures that you end up with a table leg riser that will last for years to come. The black color-through, furniture grade PVC will not scuff, look dirty or stand out and it will hold up whether your application is light to heavy use. (The risers will NOT compromise the structure or stability of your table; whatever you were able to do BEFORE application of our risers can be resumed AFTER the risers are installed. Please consult your folding table safty data for load limits on your particular folding table.)

Ease of Use

Our products are extremely simple to install and use. You don’t need any tools or additional equipment to start standing. One person can quickly and easily install the risers by simply sliding the table leg risers over your existing folding table’s legs. Within seconds, your table is higher and your back is happier!

One of our products’ biggest advantages is portability. Since the extenders are lightweight, users can easily place them in a bag or backpack. This makes our extenders ideal for trade shows and expos that require travel.

Health Benefits

The main benefits of table height extenders are more than physical. Standing at a raised folding table eliminates the awkward angles that put a strain on your back and neck. Standing in place of sitting also increases your metabolism, lessens fatigue, and allows you to work or play for a longer time period. All these health benefits increase the quality and efficiency of your work.

Check out our selection of table leg risers today!