Advantages of a Standing Desk


The health benefits and advantages of a standing desk are seemingly endless. You may have heard that people that stand opposed to sitting at work burn more calories—but there is so much more. The benefits span from reducing physical pain, increasing energy levels and production, and maintaining top physical health. Whether you work in the corner office or are a crafter working at a table, standing desks are an important, and consequently inexpensive, investment to your overall well-being.

Reducing Pain

The way that we sit places a lot of pressure on our back, neck, and shoulders. Our spines contour to a non-natural ‘C’ position as opposed to the ideal ‘S’ shape position which occurs when we stand. Over long periods of time, the discs in our back become compressed. This formation of the spine places a lot of added pressure on our lower back.

Long term sitting is bad for health because stabilizing muscles in our core, back, and shoulders become weak as a result. When we sit, we do not properly utilize these muscles because the chair acts as our support system. As the muscles weaken, the body forms to a hunched over ‘C’ shape, causing an unnatural alignment of your bones. This may lead to an aching pain—especially in your shoulders and neck.

Energy Levels

You may have heard that standing at work increases your energy levels; however, you’re probably asking yourself, how does that work? When we are sitting, our rib cages become condensed. When this happens, our lungs cannot expand sufficiently giving us lower than optimal oxygen levels. When we have low oxygen levels we tend to feel tired and sluggish. In fact, yawning is a sign often confused with being tired, when in reality it is your body’s way of trying to get more oxygen.

The advantage of standing desks includes allowing us to get more oxygen combined with increase blood flow to distribute the oxygen throughout the body. In turn, the increased energy levels allow us to perform at max capacity and provide us with an energized feeling.

Physical Health

The advantages of standing desks don’t stop there. Researchers have linked sitting for long periods of time to an increase in heart attack risks, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Studies show that even just standing for a stretch of time throughout the day can help dramatically reduce the risk of these diseases.

Lift Your Table’s® standing desk solutions can help you with joint and back pain relief, increase energy levels, and assist in long-term health. With all the advantages of standing desks, and the relatively low cost to invest in it, it’s hard to make an argument against them. Shop our collection of table leg risers today!