Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

Will your risers work with a stool, bar stool or bench?

Unfortunately, the risers were designed for folding tables only.

I received my risers, but they only raised my table marginally (1-3”)

You will need another one of our products. Your table will require either our “CUSTOM size” or our “straight leg” kit. Please email or text us a photo of the table you have, and we will let you know which product you need. We will arrange for an exchange with no additional shipping charges.

My table looks a bit different from the tables you show in the listing. How can I tell which of your products I would need?

See our detailed “Check Compatibility” page on our site. If you do not see your table or you’re not sure, please don’t hesitate to email us. Or simply text a photo of the table to us at 760-777-2018. We answer quickly!

Will your risers work on my table (my table legs may be thicker than most folding table legs?)

Our risers work on table legs that are up to ¾” in diameter.

I’m not sure which of your products I need?

Please see our “Check Compatibility” for comparing our products. For perspective, the model in the photos is 6′ tall.

Will your straight leg kit risers work on a student desk?

Yes, they work on a student desk. There will be a marginal sway in the resulting table, but for most teachers, it works perfectly for them. The best solution for teachers who want to create a “standing desk” for students is to use a smaller folding table, 5’ or 6’ with the bent leg or wishbone design with our standard or custom set, depending on how tall the student is. This creates a “standing desk station” in the classroom, possibly even accommodating two students with one table.

I ordered the CUSTOM size set and, to be honest, I would like it to be two inches shorter. Can my set be customized?

Yes! The CUSTOM size can be used “out of the box” to achieve a table height that is approximately 42” or bar table height. However, if you require a different height, you can easily cut the set down to whatever height you prefer with a circular, table, or even a hack saw.

I need the risers quickly, can you rush shipment?

We ship via Priority Mail twice daily – morning (shipment leaves by 9 a.m. P.S.T.) and afternoon (shipment lands at post office by 5 p.m. P.S.T.) As you can see from our feedback, most customers receive their shipment within 2-3 days of placing the order. If you need your order via overnight shipping, you can email us the label and we will gladly accommodate you.

What if I am not 100% satisfied with my purchase?

We are committed to 100% total customer satisfaction and we REALLY MEAN it! Although we have fitting charts on our website, 99% of our returns are due to the customer ordering a set that is not compatible with their table leg design. If you are interested in exchanging for another product, that’s great. If not, that’s fine too. If for ANY reason you would like to cancel the transaction, simply contact us and we will send you a postage label for return…with a smile.

How much weight can I put on the table using your folding table risers?

The risers are tested to withstand over 500#’s of pressure. Typically, whatever you put on your folding tables BEFORE application of our risers you should still be able to do AFTER application.

Our official legal Disclaimer follows:

Manufacturer’s liability is limited to replacement of product only and not damage to table or contents on table. Please see your own folding table manufacturer’s statement for weight tolerance limitations.