Established in 2011, B Team Solutions (BTS) is totally committed to bringing quality products to market that improve the health, welfare, comfort and aesthetics of the work environment. These improvements improve productivity which allows our customers to work longer and in back comfort…and we are committed to saving backs!

We are the creator of the original Lift Your Table® table risers – a set of four color-through p.v.c. risers that quickly and easily raise most folding tables without tools and without compromising the structural strength or stability of the table.

From kitchen counter height to bar height, a budget-friendly standing desk option, wheelchair kit and even the height our NBA customers prefer, our EXTRA HIGH height, we have responded to what our customers have asked for: a solution for almost every need and work application.

We developed our table risers from a background as concessionaires/mobile caterers. After our workers complained of sore backs at the end of the day, it was clear there was a big need for an easy, safe and professional looking solution to raise folding tables. Thousands of sets later, we are proud of our customer feedback and explosive growth. We are also excited to have achieved many industry honors, awards and recognition.