Longer Length Tablecloths

Add Slits to Tablecloth? (Optional)

Counter Height, Bar Height, and Longer Length Tablecloths

Poly Premier Fitted Tablecloths for Folding Tables with Lift Your Table®

We are thrilled to be able to offer custom fitted tablecloths to fit higher height folding tables transformed by Lift Your Table® folding table risers (Counter Height 36”, Bar Height 42”, or XL Height 48″).

  • Poly Premier is a commercial grade and durable fabric made of 100% woven polyester.
  • Finish is matte, flat – compares with a linen dining napkin, hangs beautifully, and is easy to care for and maintain.
  • Used by hotels, resorts, convention centers, trade shows, and retailers.
  • Manufactured in the United States, choose your custom size and color.
  • Fire-resistant and meets the NFPA 701-2010 fire standards which many trade shows and venues require documentation of from their exhibitors. (This certificate is available to our customers upon request.)
  • If you choose pleated corners, we also recommend adding at least 2 slits for the most professional look.
  • Scroll down this page to see all available color swatches for comparison.



Choose Pleated OR Non-Pleated Corners:

Pleated — For a more traditional, elegant look.
Non-Pleated — Also called “box style” is a popular choice as well.



Four Sided Covers the top and all four sides to the floor.
Three Sided Covers the top and three sides of the table. Back side drapes 10”. Ideal for reception booths, trade shows, or conventions where someone will be seated at the table. Also allows for easy access to additional storage.
Four Sided with Two Hidden Slits Covers the top and all four sides of the table to the floor. Two hidden slits on the back side corners for partial or full access to storage underneath the table by lifting the back panel.
Four Sided with Four Hidden Slits Covers the top and all four sides of the table to the floor. One slit in each of the four corners. Ideal for seated guests to easily slide their chairs underneath the table. Used by wedding professionals, venues, and banquet halls to create an upscale look.


Color Options