#TuesdayTruth: The Modern World Isn’t Great For Our Health

To a certain extent, staying healthy means fighting society. There are a lot of conveniences that are really just bad for us. At the same time, some of the physical labor that we do perform, is likely to cause injuries if not done properly. Convenience is harmful when there’s too much of it Labor-saving devices… save too much labor! At least for those of us that work with mental labor instead of physical labor. 1. Prepackaged foods Many of us are way too busy to cook good meals three times a day. Which means we’re eating out at restaurants that really know how to hit our buttons: salty, fatty, sweet.  Whether it’s sit-down or fast food, flavor engineering plus portion sizes mean eating out is both convenient and often dangerous to our health. 2. Electronics The most basic remote control to the multitude of apps that exist on our smartphones [...]

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Finding it hard to sleep?

Did you know that November is National Sleep Comfort month? To most of us working Americans, sleep sounds great.  Because we’re not getting enough of it.  In honor of the month, we’ve put together some tips for you on creating a terrific sleep environment, to help you snooze a little better. Monthly goal: “To sleep, perchance to dream.” - Hamlet, William Shakespeare Make it dark There are a couple ways to do this. Make sure you’re doing both to catch enough shut-eye.   No screens   I know, I know, no one likes this one. But do you want to sleep? Laptops, phones, tablets, etc. all emit a wavelength of blue light that our bodies interpret as wake time, not sleep time. It’s best to shut off these screens at least an hour before bed. Also, keep your phone out of your bedroom. This prevents the blue light from preventing [...]

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3 Ways To Add Some Movement To Your Standing Desk Days!

As we’ve mentioned oh, maybe a time or two on our blog, sitting all day is dangerous to your health! One way to combat sitting while you’re working in your office is to use a standing desk. But standing in one position for a long period of time, while better for you than sitting, isn’t great either. Moving around is the ultimate goal for a healthier body - and mind! Move at work! In addition to walking, try standing desk stretches.   One way to get some more movement in is to use your desk for stretching. In fact, a standing desk lets you ease the tension in your core, back, and chest. Ready to move at your desk? Check out these three stretches and help your body get into a good alignment. Hold each position for about 30 seconds.   1. Core stretch Standing in front of [...]

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Sitting TOO Long?  Here Are 4 Simple Tips To Get You UP And More Active At Work!

As an office worker, you know sitting all day is bad for you. You’ve even got your standing desk ready to go. If your work surface is a folding table, all you need is a set of folding table risers. But how do you get from sitting all day to standing? Try a 30-day challenge! Start small at first and increase your standing time as you go. More details here.  Not into doing challenges? Try these tips. As always, save your back! When you’re standing, posture is key. Remember when you’re standing: 1. Don’t stand still! A rigid posture won’t do you any favors. Alternate putting your feet up on a footrest, so both legs get a break. Stretching is good too. Especially as you’re easing into the new posture! Once you’re comfortable, try doing exercises like calf raises. Walk around while you’re on phone calls or go to your [...]

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Sitting All Day? Tight Hip Flexors Are Probably to Blame!

Do your hips feel tight? Any cramping or soreness in the hip and upper leg areas? Tight (or “weak”) hip flexors are a signal that your body isn’t working in the way it needs to. Strengthening your core and hips (including your behind!) will help you loosen the flexors up. There are three main causes of tight hip flexors. 1.Being on that behind all day Sitting all day isn't good for anyone. Many of us sit at a desk all day. That’s in addition to sitting for the commute too. Then, at home, we’re sitting in front of one screen or another. Strengthening core and glutes helps to stabilize the body. In addition to strength training, there’s another easy solution: spending less time sitting! Get off your tuchus! But how can you work without sitting? Lift your work surface. You can try a standing desk so you alternate [...]

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Our Safety Management Survey Results Are Here!

A big THANK YOU to all who participated in our survey so far! The answers helped us greatly to find out what kinds of injuries were happening in the warehouse workplace. Safety management survey results have arrived. We sent our survey to those who had responsibility for the safety of their employees. Most of them (or someone in their department) were also responsible for reporting OSHA recordables. Top findings Those who answered our survey really care about their employees! We asked why safety was so important, and 100% of respondents answered: “Protect our workers”. Other answer options included “Increase productivity”, “Protect company against litigation” and “Reduce OSHA Recordables”. Another strong preference came when we asked what would bring the most improvement to workplace safety. Worker training, employer (management) training, or more ergonomic equipment, like standing desks or anti-fatigue mats.  67% thought worker training would bring the most improvement. [...]

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