Healthy Aging

A fun topic to write about! No one really wants to think about aging… but on the other hand, it’s better than the alternative. Keeping your back safe is definitely a solid part of healthy aging, but there are lots of other ideas as well. It’s not just physical health that counts, but mental and emotional health as well. If you treat yourself well, both as a young adult and as you get older, you’ll find that there are great benefits to old age. Don’t knock experience and wisdom, because they’re excellent teachers and there’s only one way to attain them. As Spock from Star Trek would have it: live long and prosper.

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September is Self Improvement Month

Before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season starts, it’s a great time to reflect on what’s been going well and what could be even better in your life. There are a lot of ways to think about making life even better, but here at Lift Your Table™ folding table risers, we’re all about creating more balance in our lives.

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Want to Burn More Calories? Stand!

If you’ve been reading our blog, by now you know how bad sitting is for your health. But did you know that standing more can also help you burn more calories? Which is especially important while you’re working from home due to coronavirus! Here are a variety of ways to get more standing and moving into your day, whether you’re working remotely or you’re back at the office.

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Just Because

Did you know that August 27 is “Just Because Day”? It’s amazing what can be celebrated any day of the year! But when we at Lift Your Table™ started thinking about it, we realized that there is a whole lot about our folding table risers, customers, and safety “just because”...

Staying Motivated While Working From Home

Many Americans began working from home several months ago… and we’re still doing it! Now the novelty has worn off and reality is setting in. In such an environment, it can be hard to stay motivated! We’ve got some tips on continuing to work smarter during the summer and for the next few months as well.

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Safe and Sound Week

This year August 10-16 is OSHA’s Safe and Sound Week. As you know we believe in safety culture and keeping employees safe! And this year the challenge of keeping everyone safe may be more difficult since many employees are working from home. While corporate safety managers specialize in keeping the warehouse and factory floor safe, they may not have as much expertise in the variety of home offices that their employees have devised.

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