Toot Toot: The Story of Lift Your TableⓇ Folding Table Risers

Our story tells you why we’re so passionate about saving the backs of other people… because we had to save ours to make it happen! We also take great pride in serving our customers and addressing their needs.

Need another health kickstart in 2021?

Are you still going strong on your New Year’s resolutions for 2021? Or did life get in the way? Seriously, we know how it goes. Get back into your resolutions by walking more for National Walking Day on April 7… and the rest of the year too!

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Are You Staying Safe Online? 7 Hacks to Protect Yourself

Safety isn’t just about being physically safe. Unfortunately, plenty of bad actors exist online and your best bet is to protect yourself against them. You also want to make sure that all your documents are safe. World Backup Day is March 31, and so it’s a great time to think about your tech safety!

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Support Small Business Owners

At Lift Your TableⓇ folding table risers we’re proud to be a “Mom and Pop” business. March 29 is National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day, which is very dear to our hearts. We also like to encourage everyone to support as many small businesses as you can. It’s especially important during coronavirus. You may find that your local shops and restaurants are offering delivery or curbside pickup, so take advantage!

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What’s Your Water Wizardry? 5 Tips for Drinking Enough Water

We talk a lot on our blog about the importance of hydration for staying healthy and safe, but I’ll be honest with you. Sometimes I find it hard to make sure I’m getting all my water in! I know I need to do it, but other things happen. So even though I have a bunch of water bottles (I live in the desert, after all) I bought myself another one. It’s meant to carry all your water for the day, according to the general recommendations (64 ounces). It has different times of day listed on it as a guide. If it’s 10 am and I haven’t hit that line yet, I know I have some drinking (water) to do!

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Sleep is a Safety Issue

So many of us don’t get enough sleep. In addition to being a productivity issue, lack of sleep can result in injuries too! Fatigue played a role in the Three Mile Island and Chernobyl nuclear disasters as well as the Exxon Valdez oil spill, in addition to countless others.

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