We’ve told you a little bit about our story before. We started as caterers and had to find a solution for helping our workers’ aching backs. They were working from folding tables that were simply too low.  Flash forward thousands of sets later, we now know fully how our folding table risers can work for you in your home or business.

Do you have employees who work from folding tables in a standing position? They’re working from a table height that was intended for sitting, not standing. As a result, people who work in a standing capacity from a folding table often have to hunch over the table which quickly leads to neck strain and back pain.  It often leads to call offs and even Worker’s Compensation claims.  

We know all kinds of people who have difficulty with this in everything from warehouse to office to home settings. Our customers include shippers doing order fulfillment, accountants (assembling and sorting returns), attorneys (organizing evidence), and buyers (evaluating new products.)  Plus quilters, puzzlers, DJs, groomers …retailers (organizing and selling merchandise), restaurants (buffet and server tables), and hotels (laundry room). The list goes on and on.

During the Covid-19 crisis, many companies are using folding tables as barriers to maintain the 6’ safety zone in front of counters, between other tables, etc. Our folding table risers safely raise these tables to make them more efficient barriers – waist or even chest high.

We fully stand behind our product. Check our feedback on Amazon.com. In addition, we offer a 100% TOTAL satisfaction guarantee. You will see that people LOVE our folding table risers but there are two main questions that consistently come up.


1. Will your risers work with my/our table/s?  Our risers work with most folding tables, but not all styles. 

Our standard set is designed for the bent-leg or wishbone style folding tables. We also have a Straight Leg Kit for tables (like card tables) with straight legs.

Please make sure that you CHECK your table legs against our “Yes”/ “No”  pictures to make sure our risers will work with your style table.

Also, there are some other types of tables our risers work with, like some grooming tables and student/classroom tables. But overall, they were designed for folding tables. They will NOT work with stools, chairs, or tables that are not folding tables.


2. How high will the risers make my table?  We have THREE different heights that you can raise your surface up to. 

The shorter, standard height is 36”, which is approximately kitchen counter height. The taller one is 42”, which is Bar/Demo height, which we also call “Custom.” (If you have a need for legs between these two sizes, you can buy the taller set and easily cut them down to fit.) We also have an XL set that will raise your folding table to a whopping 48 inches!

Our Standing Desk Kit (risers that convert any bent-leg folding table into a full-size standing desk) is 42”. The Straight Leg kit only comes in one height –  36”.

Our risers have the option of a hard, re-positionable foot OR a rubber, non-slip foot.

Make sure you know how tall you want your table to be! If kitchen counter height is too low, you need our Custom/Bar/Demo set or maybe even our XL set.


3. How much weight will your risers hold?

The risers are tested to withstand over 500 pounds of pressure. Typically, whatever you put on your folding tables BEFORE application of our risers you should still be able to do AFTER application.

Our official legal Disclaimer follows: Manufacturer’s liability is limited to replacement of product only and not damage to table or contents on table. Please see your own folding table manufacturer’s statement for weight tolerance limitations.


Please check out our store for more details. We love hearing how our product helps customers, so please leave us a review and pictures too!