Is The Best Part of Waking Up Pouring Coffee In Your Cup?

Some of us need a little coffee before we can get down to business! National Coffee Day is September 29… though to be fair, some of us celebrate coffee day pretty much every day. If you run a business, consider getting coffee (and maybe some healthy breakfast options) for your workers as a sign of appreciation.

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Six Ways To Have a Blast With Your Family!

The last Saturday in September is Family Fun and Fitness Day, and this year it falls on the 25th. If your local community center doesn’t have anything on the schedule, then it’s up to you! Remember that both adults and kids need to play - it actually keeps your brains healthy - so live it up this Saturday!

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4 Ways The Eyes Have It!

It’s easy to take vision for granted, until something goes wrong. August is National Eye Exam Month. While visiting the eye doctor may not be your favorite thing to do during the summer (or any other time), it’s tough to navigate the modern world when your eyes aren’t working properly. We rounded up some great ideas on how to help prevent eye conditions from developing, as well as some ways to keep them healthy in between visits to the ophthalmologist.

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Oakley Says Relax To Stay Safe

When you think about safety, especially in the workplace, what comes to mind? Maybe you’re in a specific industry and safety means grabbing another colleague for a team lift. Or wearing your hard hat. Or possibly your fall protection. Or some other kind of PPE. If you work in an office, maybe safety doesn’t have much meaning for you. Or maybe it means being ergonomic, or holding onto the stair rail so you don’t slip and fall.

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All About That Back

Protecting your back is one of the best things you can do for your health, especially if you want to have a long and active life. According to the Health Policy Institute, back pain is the 6th most expensive medical condition in the US, and 8% of adults suffer chronic back pain that limits their activities. Ouch! You know we advocate standing instead of sitting all day, and lifting the surface of your folding table if you need or want to stand at it. However, there are daily habits that can also keep your back healthy and happy.

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Does the Man In Your Life Need Another Tie for Father’s Day?

This year we gave you some great tips for Mother’s Day, and now it’s time for Father’s Day! Very few guys need to wear ties anymore, and we’ve got some other ideas for him.

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Keep Sane With Sewing!

Many of our clients like to craft and sew. Since June 13th is National Sewing Machine Day, we want to celebrate you! The day commemorates the first working model of the machine in 1874 by an Englishman named William Newton Wilson. As you know, sewing is a relaxing activity… but there are plenty of additional benefits too.

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4 Great Gifts for Mother’s Day!

We believe it’s important to celebrate the women in our lives. Mother’s Day, on May 9 this year, is a great time to do it! Instead of (or in addition to) flowers this year, try something that benefits your mom or another special woman in your life in different ways.

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