10 Ways to Improve Ergonomics for Your Business

Ergonomics is the study of how people interact with their environment and how to design that environment in a way that maximizes efficiency and comfort. In the workplace, ergonomics is especially important, as it can directly impact employee health, safety, and productivity. This article will explore 10 ways that companies can improve ergonomics in the [...]

Give the Gift of Ergonomics to your Employees this Holiday Season

Lift Your Table® folding table risers for retail, packaging, fulfillment, and sorting As the holiday season ushers in an atmosphere of generosity and appreciation, there's no better time to demonstrate your commitment to your workforce's well-being. Amid the festivities, the gift of ergonomics emerges as a thoughtful gesture that goes beyond material presents. [...]

5 Ways Any Company Can Benefit From Our Ergonomic Solution This Holiday Rush!

As the holiday season fast approaches, businesses are gearing up to navigate the unique demands and opportunities this time of year brings. Among the many tools that can enhance your operational agility, folding table risers emerge as unsung heroes, offering a versatile solution to elevate various facets of your business. As your business prepares for [...]

6 Simple Ergonomic Steps to Get Your Warehouse Holiday Rush Ready

Preparing Your Warehouse for the Holiday Season with Ergonomics and Safety in Mind The holiday season is a pivotal time for corporations, both small and large, as the demand for products and services surges, and it's coming up fast. In the lead-up to the holiday season, ensuring a smooth and prosperous journey becomes paramount for [...]

6 Reasons Why Ergonomics is Crucial for the Modern Warehouse

Why Ergonomics is Crucial for the Modern Warehouse The modern warehouse is a complex environment that requires careful management to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. One crucial aspect of warehouse management is ergonomics, which is the science of designing the workplace to fit the worker. Ergonomics is essential for creating a safe, comfortable, and efficient [...]

The Importance of Ergonomics in Workplace Safety

Why Ergonomics is Important for Workplace Safety In order to create a safe work environment and prevent workplace injuries, every health and safety manager should recognize the importance of workplace ergonomics. What Is Workplace Ergonomics? Ergonomics is the science of creating products and processes designed for human comfort and safety. This can apply to numerous [...]

5 Easy Ways to Improve Ergonomics for Retailers

https://youtu.be/iNIDBguUIv8 Ergonomics 101 - The Retail Edition The retail industry is one of the most important sectors in the US economy. With more than 32 million directly employed by retail companies, it is one of the oldest and most important groups of workers to keep safe in the workplace. The front-line workers that keep [...]

The Cost & Solution to Non-Ergonomic Workplaces

The Costs and Cost Savings of Ergonomics Ergonomics has often been viewed as only a tiny part of the standard Health & Safety Program rather than as a science that focuses on the long-term effects of work. As a result, ergonomics has only recently become a growing industry, helping companies improve productivity measures, profit margins, [...]

How Lift Your Table® Became the #1-Selling Folding Table Riser on Amazon

How Lift Your Table® Became the #1-Selling Folding Table Riser on Amazon Used by Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Aramark, & More! Bethany Smith, Co-Founder | CEO, Lift Your Table® Bethany Smith is an entrepreneur turned ergonomics innovator based out of a suburb of  Palm Springs, California. Her company, B Team Solutions, is the originator of [...]

How to Apply Ergonomics in the Retail Industry

How Ergonomics is Applied in the Retail Industry The retail industry is one of the most important sectors in the American economy. With more than 32 million directly employed by retail companies, many Americans rely on our favorite retailers for more than just their favorite snacks and electronics. While the retail industry is one of our oldest [...]


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