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Ergonomics 101 – The Retail Edition

The retail industry is one of the most important sectors in the US economy. With more than 32 million directly employed by retail companies, it is one of the oldest and most important groups of workers to keep safe in the workplace.

The front-line workers that keep our favorite stores open don’t have the easiest jobs. With long hours of physically demanding labor, retail work can take a heavy toll on the average employee.

In recent years, workplace experts, government agencies, and company executives have invested heavily in introducing ergonomic solutions in the workplace. By implementing ergonomics products and training in the retail industry, companies can protect their workers, reduce operational costs, and improve productivity. Below are just a few ways the world’s leading retailers are using ergonomic solutions to protect their workers and their bottom lines.

Folding Table Risers

Basic folding tables are a popular tool in the retail industry. They can be used as temporary workstations, storage, product displays, and more. Despite their usefulness as a store tool, folding tables also have a drawback.

While folding tables are built for users to sit at, many retail workers use folding tables for standing activities. When workers are using folding tables in a standing capacity, the height of the table is likely too low, and can force retail workers to stoop over their workstation for extended periods of time, potentially causing workplace injuries such as lower back pain and neck strain. This can cause call offs, injuries, and worker’s compensation claims.

A simple solution to fix this issue is to add folding table risers.*  With these risers, workers can easily raise folding tables to an ergonomically safe height to avoid injuries and increase their productivity.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Many retail jobs require workers to stand stationary for hours on end. Standing for extended periods of time can cause pain in the feet, knees, hips, and back. Anti-fatigue mats can improve workplace conditions for workers by absorbing the shock of standing and walking for hours on end. These mats are so effective that they can reduce the level of discomfort and fatigue by up to 50%.

Ergonomic Chairs

Many retail workers, such as cashiers and office workers, stay seated for the majority of their shifts. Prolonged periods of sitting have numerous health risks, such as increased blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, reduced metabolism, and lower-back pain. Ergonomic chairs. are designed to improve the health of workers by fixing their seated posture and increasing blood flow.

Standing Workstation

In recent years, standing workstations have become commonplace in many industries, including retail. Retail workers, from cashiers to pharmacists to customer service specialists, are all required to use a computer to perform their daily tasks. By implementing standing desks, companies can allow workers to stand during the workday, leading to numerous health benefits such as enhanced blood flow, improved posture, and reduced fatigue.

Education & Techniques

One of the most overlooked aspects of ergonomics is education and techniques. While ergonomics has grown in popularity, many company leaders and retail workers aren’t informed about the productivity and health benefits ergonomics can provide.

Before implementing any ergonomic solutions, retail managers should brief their workers on the importance of ergonomics products and techniques. Managers should stay informed on modern techniques for handling heavy items, working extended hours, and the harms of using various equipment. Through education, company leaders can prevent serious injury, improve workplace conditions, and boost productivity.

Ergonomic Solutions that Matter

Ergonomic solutions are becoming a vital part of the retail industry. These products and techniques are important for boosting workplace efficiency, protecting workers’ health, and improving profitability. The easy fix solutions referred to in this article can be implemented quickly and relatively inexpensively to make a big difference in the health, safety and quality of your worker’s day. 

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