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There are a couple of ways that retailers and other businesses such as restaurants can enforce the 6’ distance for the health and safety of their workers and customers.

One widely used solution is to put colored tape or other marking on the floor at each six-foot distance. This helps customers know where to stand, since not everyone can judge what is six feet away. We’ve seen that some of the larger grocery store chains nearby have large colorful stickers in place. Smaller mom & pop businesses have used colored duct tape or masking tape to accomplish this.

Another way to create a barrier is to use folding tables. This works especially well for retailers, restaurants and other small businesses that typically already have folding tables on hand. We’ve seen them in use at customer service areas especially, where ordinarily there’s no separation between the customers and staff. The tables provide the appropriate distance to keep the workers safe.

However, there is an issue.  Many folding tables are typically 28” high. This height is good but not great when using folding tables as barriers, because the tables are too far below the sightline for most people.  A better solution is to elevate the tables to be a more effective physical barrier.


The GREAT NEWS is Lift Your Table™ offers a FULL-LINE of folding table risers to enhance the effectiveness of folding tables being used for barriers/social distancing. 


They’re easy to install with no tools and are safe and lightweight. Companies have been ordering our folding table risers in big numbers to keep their employees and customers safe.  Our risers will raise a folding table from 28” (seated height) to 36” (counter height), 42” (bar/demo/standing desk height) and our XL set lifts tables to up to 48”!

At the new and higher height, customers will take notice. It’s a great way to keep your employees safe. 

If you need to create barriers using your existing folding tables to keep your staff healthy during coronavirus, check out our full line of folding table risers here on our website.


What other solutions have you devised to keep your employees and customers safer?  Please share with us in the comments!

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