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Time to change the clocks back for the winter on November 7! While almost everyone is happy to get that hour of extra sleep, the shifts can cause people to be more accident-prone or even have some issues with appetite following the change.

It’s also a good time to take care of those semiannual chores that can help you and your family stay safe at home.


1. Check smoke alarm/carbon monoxide alarm batteries

You don’t want these to run out on you!


2. Get your snooze hygiene up to… ahhhhh

You can extend the lifespan of your mattress (thereby saving some $$!) by flipping it when you change your clocks. If you have a pillowtop type, just rotate it so it can wear more evenly.

Similarly, toss your pillows in the washing machine. Oils, mites and dead skin tend to accumulate over time so give them a good wash whenever it’s time to fall back.


3. Check all your filters

You might have more than you think! Look at your heating/air conditioning units, the water filter in your refrigerator, and the HEPA filter in your vacuum and/or air cleaner.


4. Vacuum the fiddly bits

Using the crevice attachment on your vac, clean out your vent pipes, the outside ducts and the space behind your dryer as well. If you let the lint and dust build up behind your dryer, it’s easy for a fire to start. 

You can save money by extending the life of your refrigerator, too. Vacuum out the coils while you’re at it and help your fridge keep going a little longer.


5. Clean the oven

Self-cleaning ovens for the win! Scrub if you need to, but either way your oven will be in good shape for the holiday season. 


6. Audit your food and drug supply – when in doubt, toss ‘em out

You can declutter at the same time as you improve the safety in your kitchen and medicine cabinet. Make sure what remains is healthy and safe. Throw away anything that’s expired. 

Rather than flushing your drugs (since that just gives your meds to the food chain and can be toxic to animal and plant life), check with your healthcare provider to see if they will accept the unused meds instead.


7. Audit your screen setups

Make sure your desk set-up is ergonomic, so all your joints are in neutral position when you’re working and playing. 

Remember that you need to stand up and get moving periodically too. (If you need a sit-stand desk, look at our store for an easy way to repurpose your folding table.)


8. Go kits go

During the year, you may have found that you’ve depleted some of the items in your emergency or go kits. Make sure the flashlight batteries are still working (again, this is not the place to economize!) Also check your stash of bandages, water, and whatever else you keep in your kits so they’re ready to go if you need them.


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