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Many employers have offered their employees the opportunity to work from home, while we’re all trying to keep our “social distance”.

Some employers may have allowed you to take all your desk equipment home. But many of you are likely working with just your computer. 

Did you have a sit-stand desk setup at the office? If you’ve got a folding table, you can recreate it at home! Even if you didn’t have one at work, you can try it out at home with your folding table.


Why do a sit/stand setup at home?

Long-time readers know we’ve explored why sitting all day is so bad for you. That doesn’t change just because you’re sitting at home in your chair, instead of sitting in your desk chair at the office! Even if your computer set-up is ergonomic, your back still benefits from periods of standing.

The modern world doesn’t love your back or your physical health, but that doesn’t mean you can’t!

Being at home is even more conducive to a sit/stand desk. You can add movement without getting any funny looks from your coworkers – or your boss! 

Spending more time with your kids that are home from school? Letting them stand to do projects is great for their little bodies and minds as well.


Why folding tables are great for a sit/stand setup

I mean, you could try to order one of the standing desk setups from Amazon, but most of them cost hundreds of dollars. Your employer might reimburse you for it. But they might not.  Especially if you don’t currently have one at your workplace.

Many people already own a folding table. You might have one for tailgates or picnics. Or you might have one for your crafting table, or for displays if you like to go to trade shows. Or for some other reason – they come in pretty handy for a number of uses!

Rather than buy something that’s entirely new, reuse what you’ve got. 


How to convert your folding table

The problem is that the usual height of your folding table is good for sitting and eating. Your back is going to kill you at the end of the day if you spend your time standing at it without making adjustments! The usual height is too low for people to work comfortably while they’re standing.

Fortunately, we have an easy solution that’s less than $40! Our Standing Desk Kit is a set of folding table risers that will lift your folding table to working desk height. They’re easy to install, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time adjusting between standing and sitting.


Ready to get that folding table into working shape? Order your Standing Desk Kit now!

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