For children, standing isn’t necessarily about, well, standing. It’s more about encouraging movement in the classroom. 

Moving around doesn’t just help prevent obesity, which is an epidemic for our kids here in America. It’s also beneficial for learning and interacting!

Why is it important for kids to stand?

1. They already spend a lot of time sitting and staring at screens

Phones, tablets, and laptops are popular with most families. In addition, there’s the television to watch. Too much screen time isn’t great for kids (or adults, actually.) 

And sitting causes more stress on the body than standing or lying down! But kids spend a lot of their day on their butts.

2. Out of school, they’re sitting: in the car, at the table

Kids today don’t usually have the same opportunity their parents did to get some exercise on the way to or from school. We used to ride our bikes or walk. Now the kids are either on a bus or in a parent’s car.

They sit to eat meals, they sit to do homework, they sit in the car to go to their activities.

3. Moving around at school promotes learning

There’s a brain-body connection. Making one healthier helps the other. At a basic level, more exercise means more blood, meaning more oxygen, to the brain. Which makes it easier to learn new things and not get as tired.

Being able to move around also promotes interaction with the teacher and other students, which boosts cognitive function too.

4. Moving around helps prevent obesity

Kids with more time sitting, and more time in front of screens, are more likely to be obese. Obviously being able to move at school isn’t the only solution to obesity. But it can help, and can be done without spending a ton of money.

How can they stand at school?

Don’t worry, they’ll get used to standing time. Since teaching tends to come in 15-minute increments, they’re not standing for eight hours a day! Standing is just the precursor to movement.

1. Standing desks

These are individual desks, raised to an appropriate height for each child.

2. Raised tables

Many schools rely on folding tables, especially for activities. Folding table risers lift up the surface so the kids can comfortably stand.


Yes, kids need movement too! There are simple ways to influence more movement in your child’s day. Please share in the comment section strategies that have worked for you and your children too!