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This week we’re celebrating that October is Health Literacy Month. Not just about health, but having information that people can understand. 

We do our best to make sure that when we’re writing about health topics, we make it fun if we can and understandable at the very least. (Just check out last week’s post about staying sane during the coronavirus!)


Why is health important to us at Lift Your Table™?

If you’ve been reading our posts for a while, you know that the very reason we started our company was to stop the injuries our employees had because they were working at folding tables that were too low.

We wanted to save their backs… and we soon discovered that there were plenty of people whose backs needed saving!

But when you think about it, there’s really a whole lot more that goes into saving people’s backs. Not just lifting the work surface, though that obviously helps. But avoiding sitting for too long. Working ergonomically. Standing and moving whenever you can. Even things like heart health and staying hydrated all feed into physical health. Which is tightly linked to your mental health too.

In order to help save people’s backs, we had to talk about other aspects of health as well.


Not to mention COVID-19!

This year, many people who weren’t used to working from home soon found that they were spending a lot of time in a home office. Which for many people wasn’t set up correctly.

They may have had a sit-stand desk at work, but not at home. (Fortunately we can help out with a cost-effective solution.) People new to working from home might not have had a space set up for it. They may have had difficulty settling into a routine. And the home office space needs to be ergonomic to avoid injuries.


Help our readers be literate about back health

Let’s be honest – the modern world is incredibly complex and there is a lot of information coming at us from all sides! There’s no time for long, involved explanations or diagrams or needing a master’s in biology to understand how to save your back.

We like to keep things simple and easy to understand. We don’t need more complexity in our lives, and we don’t think you do either. We’ve devised a simple solution to a simple problem: many people need to stand at a folding table to do certain activities, and the folding tables are too low for people to stand at comfortably (unless you’re super-short.)

And so we created our folding table risers that lift up your folding tables to various heights (36”, 42”, 48”) to solve this need. They’re easy to install and take off if you need portability in your risers, and they’re designed to keep your table just as sturdy as it is on the floor.

No complexity, no long installation diagrams, no 30-page instruction manual. Just a solution that solves your back strain problem and lets you get on with your activities. 


Interested in lifting up your folding table? Check out our store.

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