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It’s important, while you’re working from home, not to injure yourself! Stay healthy while you’re staying socially distant. Working ergonomically is a key factor in making sure you’re safe at home.

Which means… given how bad sitting is for your health… that you should try to stand up while you work. At least for part of your day. Standing up and moving around helps you avoid the harm caused by sitting all day. Plus, it’ll help you feel better while you’re working from home by yourself too.

Sure, you could invest hundreds of dollars in a desk from Amazon – though frankly nonessential supplies are hard to come by these days. And your company may or may not reimburse you.

But if you’ve got a folding table, you’re all set! You won’t want to work on it as is. Because the surface is perfect for eating, not working. You’ll end up with a crick in your back (or worse!) if you leave the table at its current height.

But once you lift it up to comfortable working height, you’ll save your back while you’re working.

Our Lift Your Table™ Standing Desk Kit  will lift your folding table up to 42” height. Perfect for standing and working. The risers are portable and easy to install.

Work from home, save your back.


Get your Standing Desk Kit here.

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