Keep Retail Workers Safe Too

When people think about safety in retail, they’re often thinking about people in the “front of the house”, whether it be for customers or employees. You’ve been in stores where the mats are put out when there’s lots of snow, when the sidewalks are de-iced, when someone’s mopping the floor to prevent slips, trips, and [...]

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4 Fast Strategies to Stay Safe at Work

June is National Safety month, and we love helping our readers, prospects, and clients stay safe at work! Here are some quick strategies to keep you safe and healthy.   1. Work ergonomically This is the big one, and it applies no matter what kind of work you do or where you do it. If [...]

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Oakley Says Relax To Stay Safe

When you think about safety, especially in the workplace, what comes to mind? Maybe you’re in a specific industry and safety means grabbing another colleague for a team lift. Or wearing your hard hat. Or possibly your fall protection. Or some other kind of PPE. If you work in an office, maybe safety doesn’t have much meaning for you. Or maybe it means being ergonomic, or holding onto the stair rail so you don’t slip and fall.

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Why are repetitive stress injuries in the workplace so… stressful?

While there are all kinds of ways that workers can be injured, issues from repetitive stress can often be the most difficult (and expensive) to resolve.  Why are these injuries so important to address? Naturally we want to protect workers from all injuries! The idea is to have a zero-incident workplace. But it’s especially important [...]

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