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We believe it’s important to celebrate the women in our lives. Mother’s Day, on May 9 this year, is a great time to do it! Instead of (or in addition to) flowers this year, try something that benefits your mom or another special woman in your life in different ways.


Make sure she’s set up for health

Whether she’s working from home on a laptop, or has a place where she does her crafts (or both!) give her the gift of ergonomics. The right chair and a desk at the right height make sure she’s not straining anything as she works. (We’ve got some ergonomic basics for you here.)

If she stands to work, craft, or wrap, make sure the surface height is high enough that she’s not hurting her back by crouching over a table that’s too low. (If she’s at a folding table, we have the solution here!)


Around the house

If the woman in your life is doing all the work (or you are that woman!), start spreading some of the home work out. Including the kids, as appropriate for their ages. Let them make the shopping list for the meals they’re cooking. 

Keep the housework distributed not just for Mother’s Day, but for the rest of the year too. Kids need to know how to take care of themselves when they’re older anyway.  Starting now means you can supervise them and give them a great start at self-sufficiency.


Make time for family

Yes, even teenagers need to spend time with their parents and other family members. (Just ignore all the eye rolling.) It also means that everyone – including you – needs to be off their cell phone. 

Designate a basket or other area where everyone’s cell phone goes for family time. Being away from screens is good for your mental, physical, and emotional health. That goes for everybody, not just the kids.


Make time for enjoyment

Having a hobby is also good for everyone mentally, emotionally and physically! (You can find the details here.) Whatever her hobby might be, provide the space for her to enjoy it. 

That could be a night where you go out with your friends and she goes out with hers. If you have kids, maybe you hire a babysitter for those nights. Or you hang out with the kids every Thursday night while she goes to her crafting classes. Both spouses need time to do things they enjoy, other than parenting.


Can you surprise her with something she’s always wanted?

You may not have the money to go on the month-long cruise around the world that she’s always dreamed of. But maybe you can carve out a small office or craft space from an unused nook or corner in the house. Or you might find the resources to build her dream room, a garden, or she-shed.

Just make sure you’re surprising her with the thing that she’s always wanted, which may not be the same thing as what you’d like to give her.


Happy Mother’s Day!


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