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Why should you honor November 8? Glad you asked! It’s National STEM/STEAM Day for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math education here in the US. 

This kind of learning is often very hands-on, so it’s great for those who need to touch and play with everything. They could be great prospects for future STEM/STEAM professionals!


How can you celebrate National STEM/STEAM Day? Let us count the ways…

1.Be a citizen scientist and observe the clouds for the Fall Cloud Challenge. It ends November 15 so make sure you get the app and are ready to look up!

2. Let the kids blast off some straw rockets while learning about physics.

3. Check out a museum dedicated to the subject! If you’re not sure what’s in your area, you can look at a list of museums here.

4. Ever wanted to fly a supersonic plane? Get the flight simulator right on your laptop!

5. The winter holidays are coming up. Have some physics fun by using a balloon to power Santa’s sleigh!

6. If you’ve got a budding engineer on your hands, you can look at some programs designed just for kids.

7. Make hot ice right in your kitchen. It’ll be a fun break from working and schooling from home with a hands-on experiment.

8. Robots are big, and kids can design their own propeller-powered car. Better yet, get the whole bunch involved so they can race!

9. Our educational system doesn’t do a great job with providing financial education. And a lot of the texts can be, well, boring. So play a game instead.

10. You may not be a big fan of slime, but your kids probably are. Make the magnetic stuff and see the difference.

BONUS: Another popular topic for many kids is the study of dinosaurs. Use toilet paper rolls to build a dinosaur skeleton.

Don’t forget to make sure the kids are safe during their activities. Standing and moving around is great for their health. Using a folding table for some of these fun activities? You might need to lift it up to make sure that their backs are protected and they can stand straight.


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