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The Purpose-Built Table Cloth for your Raised Tables

Companies, small and large, worldwide are using Lift Your Table® folding table risers to improve the functionality of their folding tables.

Longer Length Tablecloths Paired with Lift Your Table® folding table risers

While most operations use these folding table risers to improve working conditions for employees, many businesses use these table risers in a professional setting and want to hide the table legs from view.

With our new line of purpose-built tablecloths, businesses can use these custom-made tablecloths to hide table legs and give a professional, sleek look. Lift Your Table® provides these specially created tablecloths in various shapes, styles, and colors to fit any company’s needs.

High-Quality Materials

In our company mission to provide high-quality products using only the best materials, our tablecloths are no exception.

All our tablecloths are manufactured with a Poly Premier commercial-grade durable fabric. Our tablecloths are 100% woven polyester and are built to last.

Knowing that our tablecloths are used in heavily trafficked environments like trade shows and convention centers, all our tablecloths meet fire safety standards. Our table linens are fire-resistant and meet the NFPA 701-2010 fire requirements. (Customers that need certification can receive the necessary documents upon request.)

As a US company, Lift Your Table® is dedicated to supporting our local community. That’s why all our table linens are manufactured here in the US.

Innovative Design

As the #1 folding table extender product on Amazon, Lift Your Table® wanted to make a purpose-built tablecloth that matched in quality and functionality. Our table linens were designed for various use cases that work with any of our sets.

An Option for All Sizes

We understand that different events and applications require different table heights. That is why we created three folding table extender heights for our customers: Counter Height, Bar Height, and XL Height.

Knowing that our customers need flexibility and functionality from our products, we make sure our tablecloths are available for every height option.

Any Color You Want

We wanted to ensure our clients could use our tablecloths for any event. This meant going beyond the traditional color schemes of white, black, grey, and beige.

With 70+ colors available, you can incorporate our purpose-built tablecloths into any color scheme or theme.

Different Styles for Different Applications

Not every folding table is used the same way. So we made four different tablecloth designs to fit every need imaginable.

Four Sided

Covers the top and all four sides.

Three Sided

Covers the top and three sides of the table with the backside draping. Ideal for hiding storage and when someone will be seated at the table with higher chairs such as bar stools or Counter Height/Bar Height seats.

Four Sided with Two Hidden Slits

Covers the top and all four sides. Two hidden slits on the back corners allow the panel to be easily lifted, allowing access underneath the table.

Four Sided with Four Hidden Slits

Covers the top and all four sides. One slit on each corner allows access to underneath the table. This is perfect for events where people will be seated around the table with higher chairs such as bar stools or counter/bar-height seats.

Pleated & Non-Pleated

In designing our tablecloths, we understand that clients prefer various styles. In response, we created both Pleated and Non-Pleated options. Our Pleated tablecloths offer a more traditional, elegant look, while our Non-Pleated “Box Style” tablecloths provide a more modern alternative.

Custom-Built Tablecloths for Any Occasion

Folding table extenders have become a popular tool to improve the functionality and ergonomics of folding tables. However, in professional settings and events, they only solve part of the problem.

Our Longer Length Tablecloths are purpose-built to provide a professional look whenever folding table risers are used.

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