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Why Ergonomics Experts Love Lift Your Table® Folding Table Risers

The Ergonomics and Posture experts at VerticAlign agree that Lift Your Table® folding table risers are an easy-to-use, budget-friendly ergonomics solution.

Zeena Dhalla, the founder of VerticAlign Posture and Ergonomics, is a longtime ergonomics expert and a proud posture geek. At VerticAlign, Dhalla provides personal coaching, virtual workshops, and product recommendations designed to improve posture and ergonomics throughout your life.

In Dhalla’s recent product review, she discusses the benefits of Lift Your Table® folding table extenders. Dhalla agrees with more than 700+ Amazon reviews that our table extenders can improve your posture and save your back!

What Posture Specialists Say

Millions of professionals worldwide work at tables that stand at the wrong height. The majority of folding tables are built for people to sit at. However, it’s increasingly common for workers to use folding tables as standing workstations, which can lead to posture problems.

The wrong table height can cause workers to bend their backs unnecessarily throughout the workday, sometimes hundreds or thousands of times. The repeated stress on a person’s back can cause pain in the back, neck, hips, knees, and more.

That is why VerticAlign recommends Lift Your Table® folding table risers to professionals. Our table extenders are designed to raise folding tables to the appropriate height for workers.

Innovative Design for Any Task

Ergonomics experts like Dhalla praise Lift Your Table® folding table risers because they can improve workplace ergonomics for many tasks.

Food caterers use folding tables as mobile working stations in various settings. Our folding table risers were initially created to help improve the working conditions of catering companies. Over time, we noticed that catering workers suffered from long hours hunched over folding tables, causing pain, fatigue, and declines in productivity.

With few ergonomic products on the market, we decided to create our own solution. By building our own table risers, we quickly improved the working conditions and health of our catering workers.

Following the success of our initial designs, we developed the current Lift Your Table® products that thousands use today.

VerticAlign’s Zeena Dhalla isn’t just an advocate for Lift Your Table® folding table risers but a frequent user of our products. Like many of our clients, Dhalla goes to many trade shows and conventions to promote her business.

Similar to catering workers, trade show booths often use folding tables that sit at the wrong height. Dhalla uses Lift Your Table® table extenders to raise the height of her trade show display to a comfortable, easy-to-use height.

Although our product gained popularity at events and trade shows, Lift Your Table® folding table risers can be found in businesses worldwide. Companies frequently use our products to improve the ergonomics in warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores, temporary worksites, and more.

A Budget-Friendly Ergonomic Solution

Lift Your Table® folding table risers are an easy-to-use option to increase the functionality and ergonomics of most folding tables. Clients around the world love our table extenders because they are portable, durable, and affordable.

Join the thousands of clients like Posture Expert Zeena Dhalla and use our table extenders to Lift Your Table® and Save Your Back!

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