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Focus on the Puzzle… NOT Your Aching Back!

Question: Do you STAND to puzzle?

The Problem: Standing to puzzle from a table that is too low often leads to lower back pain and neck strain – a potential serious health concern that doesn’t need to happen.

The Solution: Raise the height of your table!

Not only is PUZZLING just plain fun, it is also one of the FASTEST-GROWING hobbies for individuals and families in the U.S. People who puzzle do it because they use it as a way to relax and it’s mentally stimulating. A good puzzle can be a great challenge.

“I used to have to stop, you know, stretch, and come back to it, now you can… go a longer period of time enjoying your puzzle!” -D. Watts, Cathedral City, CA

Many puzzlers choose to STAND to puzzle which offers advantages:

  • Standing adds a physical element to the hobby. Most agree, it is NOT good for anyone to sit too long… including people who puzzle. For this reason, many puzzlers opt to stand to puzzle.
  • Standing helps relieve back and neck tension, increases blood flow and circulation, and essentially adds exercise or movement to what has historically been a sedentary activity.
  • Standing also helps puzzlers complete their puzzles more quickly because standing improves visibility of the pieces and promotes better focus.

Standing to puzzle …Doing what you love, doesn’t have to hurt!

While standing to puzzle has many advantages, it also creates a challenge because often, puzzlers stand to puzzle at low height tables that were designed for seated heights to complete their puzzles.

Introducing: Lift Your Table® folding table risers – a set of 4 strong and sturdy risers that raise the height of folding tables to multiple heights without tools.


Easily portable risers are easy to move and take with you. Your table will remain stable and you can install the risers and even reposition your table without removing the risers.

Easy Set Up – The risers are easily installed by one person in seconds. If someone is able to lift one end of their table, they’re able to install the risers without help.

Multiple Heights Available – The risers quickly transform bent-leg folding tables to Counter Height, Bar Height, and XL Height while keeping the table stable and safe – tithout tools! The company also offers a solution for straight leg tables, such as card tables.

Budget Friendly – a set of Lift Your Table® folding tables cost less than half of a massage or chiropractic adjustment. They are a budget-friendly ergonomic must have and they are built to last for years. The risers are also backed by a total customer satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

Lift Your Table® is made in the USA by a woman-owned manufacturing company who invented the folding table risers/extenders category back in 2011! Today, the company is proud to have saved thousands and thousands of backs all over the world!

Making Lift Your Table® folding tables a part of your puzzling table set up will give you the chance to puzzle longer AND also keep your back happy!
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