If you’ve been reading our blog, by now you know how bad sitting is for your health. But did you know that standing more can also help you burn more calories? Which is especially important while you’re working from home due to coronavirus!

Here are a variety of ways to get more standing and moving into your day, whether you’re working remotely or you’re back at the office.


At the gym (or while working out at home)

Although there are certainly plenty of machines at the gym that allow you to sit, that doesn’t mean you have to sit while working out. And if you’re in a chair all day at work, you probably shouldn’t. Choose machines or free weights that let you stand instead. Treadmill or elliptical/stair climber instead of bike for your cardio.

At home you can easily stand with your free weights. If you can, get outside for your cardio as well. Go for a walk or run outside so you can get all the benefits of nature too. If it’s hot where you live, go early in the morning or late at night to take advantage of relatively cooler temperatures.


While traveling

OK, you do need to stay in your seat while the seat belt light is on! But once it’s off, why not walk to the back and stand while you’re reading or watching a movie on your personal device? 

You’re probably too tall to stand at your seat (unless you’re a shorty like me). Getting up periodically also helps you avoid blood clots in your legs, which have an unfortunate habit of traveling elsewhere and doing damage to your heart or lungs.

Road-tripping instead? Make sure you stop the car every couple of hours so you can get out and move. Jumping jacks, squats, and stretches can all help you get your move on even when you’re at a rest area or parking lot.


When you’re waiting

You don’t really have to “take a seat” when there’s room to stand at the doctor’s office, DMV, and other places. You can still scroll on your phone, listen to music, or read the magazines while you’re vertical. 

Just stand in a corner or some place out of the way to wait until your name is called.


At work

Especially while you’re working from home, there’s no reason you can’t set yourself up with a solid standing desk. If you’ve got a folding table at home, you don’t even need to buy any expensive equipment.

And if you have a home treadmill, you can tuck that under your standing desk and slowly walk while you work.


Watching TV/streaming

You can do this on your phone while you’re on the bike (indoors!) or on the treadmill, if you don’t have a TV in your gym.

Or you can get some situps/leg lifts/pushups/other activities in while you’re streaming, instead of sitting on the sofa the whole time. Make the ads work for you by working out while you watch them.



You don’t need to sit for a sack the way you do for a meal. Some people don’t have snacks built into their day, but if you do, stand up.


On the phone

The added bonus to standing while you’re making a call is that your voice sounds better when you stand, and you often sound more confident. In addition to getting your butt off the chair! 

Stand, walk, or stretch instead of sitting. A handsfree headset can let you roam as much as you want.

Many of us are used to sitting for many of these activities, but it’s not necessary. Give yourself a welcome break by standing up, which gives your health a break too. 


What other creative ways have you found to get out of your chair? Let us know in the comments!