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Did you, like many of our readers, resolve to exercise more in 2021! January is Walk Your Dog month, so you can get the whole family in on the fun! Keep your heart and the rest of you safe by parading with your pooch.


Working from home add a few unwanted pounds?

You’re definitely not alone. Last week we talked about how you can get better health just with 35 minutes of moderate exercise a day. If you’ve got an active pooch, you’ve got a head start on those minutes!

Maybe your beloved pet gained a few too! (Also not very unusual.) What better way for both of you to greet the new year in a healthy way besides getting some exercise together?

Here in the Coachella Valley where we live, winter is a GREAT time for dog walking. The temperature is cooler but not cold. If you live in a colder environment, consider whether you need booties for pets as well as kids. (When I lived in New York City, I used the wax that’s used for sled dogs in the snow.)


Be ready to walk by standing more!

Your physical health is tightly linked to your mental health, and sitting all day is surprisingly unhealthy. Humans didn’t evolve to sit all day, and our bodies aren’t built for it. Standing more means you’re ready to move too. No waiting for your legs to stop tingling before you put the leash on!

One easy way to stand more when you’re working is to use a sit-stand desk. If your employer hasn’t provided you with one, you can create your own with just about any folding table you have around the house.

Standing leads to movement, and the more you move the better. In addition to walking the dog outside, stretch periodically inside. While you’re on the phone, put on a headset and walk around instead of sitting at your desk to take calls.


Practice keeping the whole family safe!

If you have young children, they may not be as savvy about taking the dog for a walk. When the whole family is out with your pet, you can practice safety culture everywhere. For example, by making sure the kids look both ways before crossing the street. You can train your dog to sit at a crosswalk as well.

If you live in an area where wild animals sometimes cross your path, help your kids (and dog) watch out for unusual movements that might signal a new creature. There are all kinds of things to watch out for once you’re outdoors. Much better for the kids to discover how to deal with them while you’re there to guide them.


Bonus: exercise keeps pets and kids from bouncing off the walls!

If your kids aren’t in the school building right now due to COVID-19, you might be struggling with their high energy levels while you’re working. Exercise is an excellent way to tire them out (and your dog!) so you, the parents, can maintain your sanity. 


Interested in a safety product you can use at home and at work? Click here to learn more about our folding table risers.


Wait, are you still reading this? Your dog needs a walk! 🙂

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