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If you’re a business owner, you’ve got one month left in the calendar year to hit your quarterly and annual goals. (No pressure or anything.) Putting as much as you possibly can onto autopilot will help you feel less stressed and overwhelmed during what is often a busy season.


Safety at the workplace

If the safety culture hasn’t been completely instilled, it’s easy to get distracted by everything going on. In fact, some studies show the holiday season is a time for more, and more severe, accidents on the job. 

  • Don’t let workers get sidetracked

Holidays can be a distraction, so help them focus on the job.

  • Don’t give up on daily safety meetings

Sometimes this may seem like a time-waster, but it puts safety front and center for your workers so they’re less likely to rush through safety procedures.

  • Don’t let procedures slide
  • Don’t let anyone who’s impaired at a company event get behind the wheel of a car

This includes cannabis in states where it’s legal.

  • Don’t let people sit down for too long

As we’ve written pretty extensively about, sitting too long is bad for health! Encourage computer workers to get up and move, maybe with a sit-stand desk (we can help you transform a folding table so your workers can stand at them comfortably.)


Safety at the store

  • Keep surrounding areas de-iced, including parking lots, sidewalks, steps, and loading areas
  • Have a mat to wipe off snow, water, and salt
  • Mop spills immediately and put out signs
  • Move aside anything that blocks foot traffic
  • Tape down or reroute cords or other tripping hazards

Personal safety

  • Budget for the holidays for the safety of your wallet

It might be tempting this year to go crazy with shopping and buying! However, instead of spending money willy-nilly, go all out with creativity instead of purchases.

  • Be careful on the roads

In addition to the usual winter issues (unless you live here in sunny SoCal!), people are behind the wheel, but their focus may be elsewhere. Defensive driving is key this time of year.

  • If it’s dark in the parking lot, have an escort you trust to walk you to the car

Or go shopping with a friend. It does get dark early, so consider shopping earlier in the day if you can.

  • Don’t get behind the wheel after using substances including alcohol & THC

Duh. While marijuana may not be as harmful to the body (and brain) as alcohol is, it’s still a mind-altering substance just as booze is. 

If you’re drinking and/or using, don’t drive. Now with all the ride-sharing apps available there’s absolutely no excuse for driving impaired!

  • Consider “masking” your credit cards against theft

Some financial institutions will generate a code for you when shopping online so the number can’t be hacked in the usual way.


Want to keep your back safe this December (and in the future?) Check out our full line of folding table risers that lift up the surface so you can stand comfortably to work, craft and play. 

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