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Are you a retailer in the business of supplying top-notch customer experiences? You’re probably making shoppers’ lives easier by providing gift-wrapping service during the holiday season.

Making beautiful gifts simple and quick for your customers who don’t have the time (or the skills) to make their gifts look gorgeous is a wonderful service that your clients appreciate.

And we know you appreciate your workers who produce this valuable service! But are you showing your appreciation by keeping them safe?

So many gift wrappers work standing up at folding tables, which are designed for sitting. Don’t let your staff end the day with back aches and pains from crouching over the table to wrap. 

Bring the table surface to a comfortable position for standing work with a set of folding table risers.

They keep your table sturdy, and are also simple to install and use. When you’re done with your folding tables, slip the risers off and store them with the tables for the next time you use them.

Click here to see a short video about how our folding table risers work. And if you’d like to see them in action for a gift wrapper, we have a quick video for that too right here!


Lift Your TableⓇ… SAVE YOUR BACK!

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