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This year we gave you some great tips for Mother’s Day, and now it’s time for Father’s Day! Very few guys need to wear ties anymore, and we’ve got some other ideas for him.


What are his hobbies?

Men also need time to do their favorite things for their mental health (just as women do) to keep their brains happy and healthy. Maybe he needs a refresh on his sports equipment – a new mitt, club, racket, etc.

If he likes crafts, whether that’s woodworking or sewing or quilting (yes, dudes can quilt too!), make sure he’s got the right equipment. Not just in terms of materials for his craft, but also the space where he does it.

Is it ergonomic? Does he need some organizing tools? If he stands up at a folding table, make sure that he doesn’t have to crouch down to do it by lifting the surface height if you need to. 


Treat him to an experience

Has your husband or dad always wanted to drive a race car? Check out a specialty driving school that offers motorcycles, sports cars, or even actual race cars to drive. Off-road schools might be available as well.

Is there a place he’s always wanted to visit? If you’ve got the funds, this year could be an excellent year to go somewhere new.

Does he have a favorite drink? Check around to see if any of the bars or restaurants near you offer flights or tastings of his fave beverage. Sake, whiskey, bourbon, wine, even craft beer tastings could be on offer.


Closer to home

  • Outdoor movie night, either at the local theatre or in your backyard. Don’t forget the snacks and his favorite movie!
  • If he likes camping, plan a camping trip and update all the equipment as necessary. And again, don’t forget those snacks!
  • Picnic/barbecue/grill just the way he likes it.


Other gifts

  • Celebrity shoutout: see if his fave star is willing to provide a personalized Father’s Day message.
  • Subscriptions: not just magazines or beer or wine, but history by mail, crafting kits, beef jerky, shaving kits, watches (!) … the list goes on.
  • Tech fun: update for his favorite game/console, shower speakers, robot butler (like Alexa), new headphones … just like subscriptions, the list goes on.
  • Memberships: give him a Masterclass membership so he can learn about his favorite subjects and/or hear from his favorites. Or maybe he could use a gym class membership to get moving at home.
  • Make/grow his own: there are all kinds of kits for men to create their own versions of their faves. Hot sauce, beer, veggies, mushrooms… chances are you can find a DIY version for it.


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