March 29 was National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day. But let’s keep it going all year. At Lift Your Table we’re proud to be a “Mom and Pop” business. We also like to encourage everyone to shop at other small businesses!

Did you know that businesses like ours employ almost half of the workers in America? That may be hard to believe with Amazon and Walmart taking up so much space. And yet, small businesses employ nearly 59 million workers, which is 47.5% of the entire workforce! 

While the behemoths have captured the attention of pop culture, the reality is that 99.9% of all US businesses, or 30.9 million firms, have fewer than 500 employees.

And, small businesses are almost singlehandedly responsible for net new job creation in the United States.

Good reasons to support and celebrate your local small businesses, don’t you think?


If you’re a Mom & Pop yourself…

  • Host an event to thank your customers. Ask them to share photos and hashtags (#MomPopBusinessOwnersDay) to their social media channels. 
  • Online businesses can get in on the fun too. Consider a webinar or Facebook/LinkedIn Live event to strut your stuff and express your gratitude.
  • And of course you should be sharing on social media too!
  • Partner with other local small businesses. If you’re in a shopping area together, maybe you can host a joint event that will wow all your customers.


Or if you want to show small businesses some love…

…And you’re already familiar with the business…

  • Consider who might be in need of their service, and refer them.
  • Buy something from your mom & pop instead of the big box or online store.
  • Invite family and friends to go small business shopping with you.
  • Follow the business on social media and share their posts (if you don’t have a hashtag you can use #MomandPopBusinessOwnersDay).
  • Don’t forget small business is open year-round!


…And you’re not already familiar with the business…

  • Find local mom & pops through your local chamber of commerce, using the search “chamber of commerce near me” if you don’t already know the website.
  • Visit them in person when you can.
  • Talk to the business owner and get to know them.
  • Follow the business on social media and share their posts (if you don’t have a hashtag you can use #MomandPopBusinessOwnersDay).


We’re getting the word out about Mom and Pop Business Owners Day on March 29, and we invite you to join us in spreading the word! Both offline and on, support and celebrate the small businesses that do so much here in the US.


How are you celebrating March 29? Let us know in the comments!