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Ergonomic Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

Company leaders worldwide are embracing ergonomic products and strategies in 2023. From multinational firms to entrepreneurs, ergonomics is helping companies increase productivity, reduce injuries, and boost profitability.

While ergonomics isn’t a new concept, shifts to remote work and emphasis on personal health have kicked off an ergonomics revolution in recent years. With 2023 in full swing, there are several ergonomic strategies and trends every professional should be aware of.

1. Goods-to-Person Picking Strategy

With the rise in E-commerce and international shipping, the warehousing industry has witnessed incredible growth in recent years. While warehousing and distribution centers employ millions of workers worldwide, the industry has not caught up to modern ergonomic standards.

Some modern warehouses are utilizing a Goods-to-Person picking strategy. Rather than employees searching warehouses for products, the products are sent to employee workstations through automated factory equipment. This process can improve efficiency while reducing the manual labor needed to complete tasks.

2. Using Appropriate Handling Equipment

The biggest ergonomics mistake employers make is not providing their workers with the right equipment. Although modern tools are costlier, they are generally worth the investment.

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However, there are numerous cost-effective ways to upgrade employee tools. Many ergonomic products are simple, affordable solutions such as folding table risers, cushioned-mouse pads, or blue light glasses.

3. Improving Hybrid Work Ergonomics

Following the pandemic, many companies worldwide have implemented a permanent variation of a hybrid work schedule. While remote work allows employees to complete their tasks anywhere, they like, few remote workers take the time to create a healthy and permanent workstation away from the office.

With hybrid work becoming the new normal, ergonomics experts are encouraging companies and employees to invest into their remote workstations. Some companies are purchasing ergonomic products for their employees’ home officers such as anti-fatigue mats, standing desks, and adjustable monitors, while others offer stipends so employees can create a healthy and productive office environment at home.

4. Healing Zoom Fatigue

As of 2023, it seems that most jobs involve a regular bombardment of video calls, conferences, and more. “Zoom Fatigue”, as some experts call it, is the specific feeling of mental and emotional exhaustion workers experiences from constantly appearing on camera, handling tech issues, and being confined to a screen.

Fortunately, there are several strategies to help reduce the mental and physical toll from the stagnant nature of frequent video calls.

  • Ensure workers take the majority of zoom calls from an ergonomic-friendly workstation.
  • Stay hydrated by having water close by.
  • Build in breaks into work schedules.
  • Relax eyes with the 20:20:20 rule. Every 20 minutes, look at something at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds or more.

5. Reinforcing Ergonomics Training

The real value of ergonomics is its ability to prevent additional costs due to losses in productivity and wages. Although some ergonomics strategies can be costly and time-consuming, ergonomics education is a powerful and affordable prevention tool.

Best ergonomics practices should be taught annually to ensure workers understand the risks of poor ergonomics and the strategies to create healthier workstations. Through ergonomics education, companies can save thousands or more through a simple 30-minute lecture.

6. Partnering with the Ergonomics Experts

Ergonomics strategies are becoming an essential part of many business models. These strategies are increasing workplace efficiency, improving job satisfaction, and protecting profit margins for companies of all sizes and industries.

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