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Last week in light of Data Privacy Day we discussed some techniques for keeping your online info safe. This week we’re all about keeping our tickers safe.

You already know the basics (we have SMART readers here at Lift Your Table™!) 

Eat healthy, get some exercise, stop smoking if you already smoke, cut back on the booze. All of this advice works for preventing cancer too. 

But how about going a little farther?


1. Feed Your Heart

Despite the advertisements offering juice cleanses and superfood products… there really isn’t any such thing as a superfood. You already have a detox system made up mostly of your liver, kidneys and associated organs.

Don’t worry about spending your hard-earned money on the latest, newest berry from the Arctic or product from anyone. Eat food that’s as close to its natural state as possible. All berries are good – especially if you don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables right now.

Many of you are on keto. FYI, this particular diet has not been shown to produce lasting results. Because yes, your body does want some carbohydrates. Your brain especially.

When you’re on it, just bear in mind that many of the products marketed for keto are heavily processed. Those foods should be avoided.


2. Get it pumping

Exercising is great! But it’s not sufficient. Incorporate more movement into your day. (Of course, we have some additional suggestions!)

We all need more movement throughout the day. If you work standing up, you may need to add some stretches during the day so you avoid being in the same posture for hours. Those of us who sit down need to stand up.

If you don’t want a sit-stand desk, you can still figure out some ways to get moving in the office. Visit colleagues instead of texting or IMing. 

Use the bathroom on a different floor. Sounds weird, but it works! Plus it gives you a little mental break so you can return refreshed and ready to tackle that lingering problem.

And move yourself around at home too! It feels natural to slouch into the recliner and binge watch some TV or start scrolling through social media. Sitting for so long isn’t natural for the way our bodies evolved. Which is part of the reason sitting is so bad for the heart.

Play with your kids! Go for a walk! Explore a hobby. They’re better for you and your family than screens. Have at it!


3. How much booze should you lose?

Turns out all those studies showing that moderate drinking is good for your heart… were funded by the alcohol industry. Which casts doubt on how accurate that is! Moderate drinking is defined as one or two daily servings for men and one for women. Heavy drinking is associated with heart failure and other diseases.

Currently there are some studies that associate moderate drinking with heart protection. The issue with these is that researchers don’t know if that’s due to the alcohol itself, or to other good behaviors that moderate drinkers also tend to partake in.

It was thought that the benefits of wine were due to the antioxidants, especially resveratrol. Which is also found in grapes and other fruit. 

In other words, if you’re a heavy drinker, your heart wants you to cut back. If you’re a moderate drinker, your heart is probably OK with it. And if you don’t drink at all, there’s no reason to start. Eat more grapes if you want more resveratrol.


Keep your heart safe and happy during Heart Month… and the rest of the year too.


What are you doing to protect your heart? Let us know in the comments!

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