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December is the month for gifts, and of course not all of them have to be physical things that you make or buy.

Sometimes presents come in the form of presence. Being there for your family, friends, colleagues, and staff.

And the only way you can really be there for others is to first be there for yourself and your own health and wellness. Just like on the airplane, you have to put your own oxygen mask first to be able to take care of others.


Take care of your butt

Who knew the butt was so important? If you’ve been reading our posts, you know it is! Though in all honesty it’s not so much your butt itself, but what you do with it.

Getting off it is the key to the gift of health. In other words, move it!

Do you sit down for most of your workday, whether that’s at the office or your home office? Find a way to move around. Try ball chairs or wobble stools to get your core into the act. 

Get yourself a sit-stand desk – you can even modify a folding table for this! While you’re standing, you can do stretches. Or add in other movement, so you’re not just standing still at your desk. You can also take posture breaks when you need a brain break.


Take care of your back

Yes, this is a biggie. Getting a move on is good for your back as well as your butt! (And your heart, and legs, and lungs, and …)

At work, avoid crouching down. If you’re standing most of the day, get in some stretches. Your back doesn’t like to stay in one position for hours on end. When you are on your feet, stand up straight just like Mom said.

Need to lift things? Protect your back! Use your legs and not your back. If the item is heavy, don’t be a hero OR a shero. Get help, in the form of a tool or another person.


Take care of your brain

Your head needs both physical and emotional care. Wear a helmet for physical jobs where necessary, and also during sports and bike riding.

Your brain needs to rest and recharge, so make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Movement also helps stave off the blues and brings oxygen-rich blood to your brain to help you think and be more creative.

Spend time with your family – workaholism may be encouraged by the culture and/or your job, but it causes burnout and other problems. Kick the soccer ball around in the yard with the kids. Go for an easy walk after dinner to let the food digest.

Whatever your situation, the gift of health starts with YOU. We support healthy, safe people and workers!

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