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February is Responsible Pet Owners Month, and lots of people consider grooming an important part of pet ownership. We do – that’s our Heinz-57 breed Oakley up there on the table!

There are a lot of potential safety issues when it comes to grooming our beloved pets. We found some tips and tricks for everyone to stay bite and injury-free while you’re clipping the hounds.


Pet Safety

  1. Have the owner put the pet on the floor instead of handing directly to you. Then you can scoop them up, one arm under their tummy. It helps you hold the leash so the pet’s head is away from you and not in bite range.
  2. Ask the owner if there might be any issues. The pup with the cutest angel face can still easily get out of hand.
  3. If the dog will be going in a kennel, remove collars and leashes. If not, make sure they’re safely restrained. Crating pets when you’re not grooming them is always recommended.
  4. Watch carefully as you groom for signs of changing behavior. Growls are usually a sign of fear, so stop if they growl or otherwise seem anxious.
  5. Don’t leave the pooches on the table unattended. Have tools set out ahead of time so you don’t have to stop the session to grab them.
  6. Use tearless shampoo around the eyes, lower settings on the hair dryer and introduce clippers slowly to avoid frightening them.
  7. Handle them firmly so they understand that you’re the one in control. This is especially important when putting them into or taking them out of kennels and crates, since dogs commonly try to make a break for it.


Groomer safety

  1. Wear appropriate clothing, including a mask so your nose and mouth don’t fill up with dandruff and fur. Plus bite-proof gloves and long sleeves and pants.
  2. Put down no-slip mats under you and the table and wear non-slip, comfortable shoes.
  3. Make sure the table is at the right height so you don’t have back strain while grooming. If you’re using a folding table, you can use risers to lift the surface to an appropriate height.
  4. Keep your grooming room clean and toss the trash regularly, wiping down the equipment often. It’s not just important during the coronavirus pandemic!
  5. If a particular pet is completely out of control and you think it’s too dangerous to the pooch or yourself to groom them, let the owner know.
  6. Put your phone down! The last thing you want while clipping sensitive areas is to be startled or distracted.

Groom long (and safely) and prosper!


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