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We love our pets, and August 26th is National Dog Day! No, we don’t dress our dogs up in funny or cute costumes… they’re adorable and funny and cute all by themselves. (Though if you feel the urge and your dog won’t get you back for it later… go for it!)

We may not dress them up, but we do like to have them groomed. In honor of our clients who are pet groomers, we found some interesting information about pooches and how to pretty them up.


Some dogs have hair, not fur

Truth be told, we didn’t even know there was a difference! Most dogs have fur, which they shed to make room for a new coat of fur. There are actually three stages (similar to human hair) of growing, resting, and falling out. 

But some breeds like Yorkies and bearded collies have hair, which sheds only when it dies or they get it cut. They shed less than other pups as a result. However, if they’re not properly groomed their hair gets matted easily, which can actually lead to health problems like skin infections.

Shedding used to be limited to the warmer months, but now most breeds experience it year-round.


Grooming isn’t just about haircuts (or furcuts, as the case may be)

Nail trimming is also important. Long nails can break unevenly and be painful. Not to mention that a pooch whose nails are too long might start scratching things you don’t want them to! It also prevents too much dirt and grime getting caught under the nails.

Cleaning ears is critical. Bacteria can build up and lead to ear infections. Having your dog’s ears cleaned regularly prevents that from happening.


Make being with the groomer a pleasant undertaking for your pet

Keeping the coat brushed and preventing mats from forming makes the groomer’s job easier, since removing them can be tough. If you go to the groomer (instead of having one come to your house), take them to the location sometimes just for treats. Use a happy voice when you’re there.

If your dog only gets in the car for vet and grooming visits, they’re probably going to start freaking out on the ride over. Try taking them other places in the car like the park or the doggy beach so they don’t associate the car with bad times.


Support your dog’s health and coat

Brushing is one great way to make sure the groomer doesn’t have to do anything drastic and unpleasant to your fur baby. Also make sure you’re feeding them high-quality food and keeping them at a healthy weight. The right nutrients keep coats shiny and healthy.

If you like to give them a bath in between groomer visits, wash their face last. Dogs really don’t like soap and water in their eyes. Washing the face last and rinsing it first can help prevent irritated eyes. And don’t your pup’s eyes look sad enough when they’re in the bath?


Groomers can save your pooch’s life

They’re often the first ones to spot issues like ringworm, ticks, and fleas. But they may also note unusual lumps that could end up being cancer, or notice distress around a normal grooming routine that might indicate something wrong in that area.

You can also check out our groomer video here.


Thank you, pet groomers! You help us take care of our beloved fur babies. If you use folding tables for your grooming and your back hurts from bending over, click here to see our full line of folding table risers.

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