Still Working From Home? Try These 5 Easy Strategies

Before the pandemic, we posted some easy strategies for beginners to start working from home. But now the novelty has worn off and June 21 is National Work From Home Day. Many workers are still working from home, but you might not be doing it every day. Or you might be, depending on your employer. [...]

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8 More Ways to Avoid A Great Resignation From Your Staff

We’ve all heard about the Great Resignation, and we previously wrote an article about how to prevent your workers from leaving. We work with a lot of businesses and like to support them as much as we can, so we found some additional ways that our clients can retain their existing talent. As all business [...]

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Is The Best Part of Waking Up Pouring Coffee In Your Cup?

Some of us need a little coffee before we can get down to business! National Coffee Day is September 29… though to be fair, some of us celebrate coffee day pretty much every day. If you run a business, consider getting coffee (and maybe some healthy breakfast options) for your workers as a sign of appreciation.

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