Not Always Bad For You: The Brutal Truth About Stress and Work

If you’re like most people, you’re probably aware that you’re stressed and don’t need Stress Awareness Month to figure it out! Not only is this a problem for us in general, it may also cause problems at work.

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7 Things To Do TODAY To Help Prevent Diabetes

November is National Diabetes Month. Not only do we want to stay well ourselves, but we want our clients to do so also! You might know there are two kinds of diabetes. Those with Type 1 aren’t able to make any insulin, and it’s thought to be an autoimmune disorder. Also called juvenile diabetes, the symptoms may appear in childhood or later and develop very quickly. Only about 5% of diabetics are Type 1. Those with Type 2 diabetes create enough insulin but don't process it properly. Type 2 appears over a period of time, and sometimes people who have it aren’t aware of it. Risk factors include excess weight and inactivity, so you can take steps (sometimes literally!) to prevent it.

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