You know, if you’ve been reading us regularly, that sitting is bad for your health! According to the New York Times, people who move least and sit most during the day (sedentary) have a 260% higher likelihood of premature death, compared to the least sedentary.

So if you sit at a desk all day, you might be worried about what this means for you. Fortunately, moderate exercise (like brisk walking) of just 11 minutes a day means that you’re less likely to die compared to those who get no activity, even if you also sit for most of the day.

The sweet spot appears to be 35 minutes of moderate exercise, which provides the most longevity gain according to the study. And the half hour or so doesn’t have to be consecutive.

How can you “cash in” on these findings?


1. Sit less – easier to move more when you’re already standing!

You don’t have to sit at your desk all day. In fact, switching between standing and sitting is better for you than just sitting. Just make sure that when you lift the desk so you can stand and work comfortably that you lift up your keyboard, monitor, etc. (This is easier with a surface that you can lift and lower.)


2. Other moderate exercises (in addition to a brisk walk)

You might have the opportunity to get in some brisk walking during the day. But what if you don’t enjoy walking? It’s the easiest way to get started if you sit all the time right now, but you might want to expand your horizons. Or if you need to break up your activity and don’t want to do three walks a day. 

In either case, try some of the following. Some of these may require an entire half-hour window to make it worth your while, but others can be split up into ten-minute segments by themselves or to mix-and-match with the brisk walking.


    1. Ballroom dancing
    2. Gardening
    3. Doubles tennis
    4. Water aerobics
    5. Bicycling


3. Walking meetings

If you’ve been working at home and want to network a bit, but can’t (or don’t want to meet) in your home or at a restaurant or coffee shop, try meeting for a walk instead. During coronavirus it’s safer to be outdoors, plus you’ll be getting in some of the exercise that you need as well. 


Connecting+outdoors+exercise+networking: sure sounds like a great equation to us.


4. Do some chores

For those of us working from home, this tip works especially well! Rather than letting your robot vac do the work, sweep or vacuum or mop. Hang clothes to try instead of tossing them in the washer. 

Dust or find some other things to do around the house that will get your heart rate up in addition to getting it clean!


5. Play with family and pets

Get outside with the kids (yes, even in the winter) and enjoy your time together. Kick or throw a ball around or start playing in the snow. Instead of letting your pooch out in the backyard, take them for a walk. Along with everyone else in the house. 

Cats need playtime too – they like to chase and pounce. Some cats adapt to being walked on a leash if you start them early enough. Get out there with them if you can, and if you can’t, make sure they have regular indoor playtime!

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