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While the July 4th weekend has come and gone, that doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of summer fun between now and Labor Day. Make sure everyone has a great season without any mishaps or injuries!


1. Watch the fireworks

Where we live, fireworks go on all summer long! If you’ve got community fireworks, the best way to enjoy them is probably to pull up a chair and enjoy them from afar. 

Want to blast off your own (assuming you live in a place where it’s legal)? Take it one item at a time, always outside, and with plenty of space around it. Think social distancing from your fireworks too.

Pets don’t love the noise that fireworks make. Remember their hearing is much better than ours, so those fireworks are VERY loud to them. If you let them run around outside for the party, let them run around inside when you get to the explosions.


2. Booze responsibly at your parties

Serving alcohol? Have non-alcoholic drinks available as well. Water, soft drinks, or even mocktails. Stop serving about an hour and a half before you expect people to leave. This gives people time to sober up before getting back on the road.

Speaking of which, don’t let people who are obviously unfit to drive behind the wheel of a car! If ridesharing services like Uber or Lyft haven’t made it to your town yet, have the number for the taxi service available.

You might consider hiring a bartender. They’ll ensure they’re not overserving anyone. If you have heavy drinkers, mix the drinks yourself.

Summer parties are all about the food. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and for summer parties, the messier the better. Get out your fun seasonal napkins! 

Ladies and gentlemen, start your grills.


3. Save the backs – yours and anyone who’s helping

Is your catering staff standing around with their hands to their backs, wincing and flinching? Does your back hurt because you have to bend over too far to pour drinks for your guests? 

If you’ve got a folding table, you can lift it up to either kitchen counter height or bar height, in many cases. Then you and your helpers can get the drinks without strain.

Make sure that there are plenty of places to sit down too. Chairs help support everyone’s backs while they’re checking out the fireworks.

It’s a festive occasion, so make sure everyone is having a good time, no back pain or neck strain!


4. Stay hydrated all summer 

Even if you don’t feel thirsty, you still need to drink. Water goes fast in hot weather. If you don’t like the taste, you can add sugar-free flavors or even infuse it with herbs and/or fruit.

If you don’t like cold water, drink it room temperature – or vice versa.

Basically, whatever you need to do to make water palatable, go for it! Carry it with you in a BPA-free reusable container, because plastic bottles cause pollution, clog up our water, and kill sealife.


5. Wear loose, lightweight clothing and a hat

Keep the sun off your face and off your skin. Tight clothing will heat you up, as will heavy clothing. Stay away from heavyweight denim. 

Long sleeves, maybe surprisingly, are often better than short sleeves because they help protect your skin from the sun.

It’s also a good idea to wear lighter colors because they don’t absorb as much of the sun’s rays as darker clothing will.


 6. A/C is KEY 

Sometimes you need to be out and about, but head for the a/c when possible. Shopping centers, libraries, and community centers are usually cooled. 

When you’re driving around this season, don’t leave kids or pets in the car without air conditioning. The interior of a car heats up FAST, and leaving a window cracked doesn’t help. If you need to run errands and they can’t come in with you, leave them at home instead. 

Check your backseat when you leave the car to make sure that you don’t accidentally leave a sleeping child behind.


7. Avoid going hard in the heat

Many of us like to exercise outdoors, but summer in the middle of the day is not the best time. Get up early or stay out late to take advantage of cooler temps.

Likewise, when you have other strenuous work to do, work early or late. Don’t wait until it’s too hot to get things done.


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