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As we’ve mentioned oh, maybe a time or two on our blog, sitting all day is dangerous to your health! One way to combat sitting while you’re working in your office is to use a standing desk.

But standing in one position for a long period of time, while better for you than sitting, isn’t great either. Moving around is the ultimate goal for a healthier body – and mind!


Move at work! In addition to walking, try standing desk stretches.


One way to get some more movement in is to use your desk for stretching. In fact, a standing desk lets you ease the tension in your core, back, and chest.

Ready to move at your desk? Check out these three stretches and help your body get into a good alignment. Hold each position for about 30 seconds.


1. Core stretch

  • Standing in front of your desk, put your right hand on the work surface
  • Twist to the left and hold
  • Switch sides


2. Chest stretch

  • Stand with your back to the desk
  • Reach both hands behind you and put your palms on the surface
  • Stand up straight, pushing your chest forward, and hold


3. Back stretch

  • Stand in front of the desk, feet together
  • Put both palms on the surface
  • Bend at the waist until your head is in line with your arms and hold

Whew! Doesn’t that feel great? If you want yoga poses at your desk to continue your stretching,  click here for some ideas.


Let us know your favorite standing desk stretches in the comments!

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