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If you saw our article from last week, we discussed a variety of Black inventors, all of them male. This week we’re spotlighting Black women inventors.

We are a certified minority and women-owned business, so female Black inventors are close to our hearts here at Lift your TableⓇ folding table risers. 


Madame C.J. Walker

She also was the first entry in our post about Black women entrepreneurs, so you can read more about her here


Sarah Boone

Although the ironing board was originally patented in 1858, it was basically just a horizontal block of wood. Ms. Boone’s 1892 patent made the board narrow with curves, which made ironing easier – especially for women’s clothes.


Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner

Despite the fact that she made a major innovation for how women deal with their periods, she’s not as well known as some of her peers. She patented the sanitary belt in 1957, which held a pocket to hold the cloth pads that women at the time used.

She had plenty of other inventions as well: a tray that attaches to walker frames, a back washer that can be mounted on the shower wall, and a toilet paper holder.


Marie Van Brittan Brown

If you use a Nest or Ring or other home security device, you have her to thank. In 1966, concerned about her safety, she patented the first home security system that included a camera, recording equipment, monitors, and peepholes.


Shirley Jackson

As the first Black woman to achieve her PhD at MIT, she’s responsible for research that drove major telecommunications breakthroughs such as mobile phones, fiber optic cable, and caller ID. If you avoid picking up calls because you don’t want to talk to the person at the other end, you’ve got Dr. Jackson to thank!


Patricia Bath

In addition to being a laser scientist, Ms. Bath is also an ophthalmologist. She patented a device and technique (laserphaco) that helps remove cataracts and restore eyesight.


Lisa Gelobter

You may not remember the precursor to GIFs, when animation on computers was run by Shockwave, developed in 1995. Ms. Gelobter was closely involved in developing that software, in addition to the streaming service Hulu.


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