15 Influential Inventors

We’ve talked about a number of inventors who have personally influenced us, including Madam C.J. Walker, Colonel Sanders, and Walt Disney, plus many Black inventors in history. And yet, since May is National Inventors Month, we wanted to spotlight some additional inventors, some of whom might be new to you, who have made a big [...]

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Are You the Next Inventor?

As you know if you’ve been reading our blog, we invented the category of folding table risers because our employees strained their backs standing to work at folding tables. Which is how many inventions get made: the inventor sees a problem, can’t find an existing solution (or one that works well), and develops their own. [...]

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I Am a Black Woman Inventor – And I Humbly Accept The Title

When I think about being a woman in business, I actually feel like being a woman gives me an advantage because women are used to juggling tasks. A founder, at least initially, must be able to do pretty much everything that has to do with starting up a company. From creating the product to packaging it, pricing it, selling it, financing it…the list goes on and on.

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