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A big THANK YOU to all who participated in our survey so far! The answers helped us greatly to find out what kinds of injuries were happening in the warehouse workplace.

survey results are here

Safety management survey results have arrived.

We sent our survey to those who had responsibility for the safety of their employees. Most of them (or someone in their department) were also responsible for reporting OSHA recordables.

Top findings

Those who answered our survey really care about their employees! We asked why safety was so important, and 100% of respondents answered: Protect our workers. Other answer options included “Increase productivity”, “Protect company against litigation” and “Reduce OSHA Recordables”.

Another strong preference came when we asked what would bring the most improvement to workplace safety. Worker training, employer (management) training, or more ergonomic equipment, like standing desks or anti-fatigue mats. 

67% thought worker training would bring the most improvement.

If you’re in management, consider your worker training program! Is it consistent when any new hire is brought on? Do you repeat the training on a regular basis? 

Where were the injuries?

Many had more injuries in the picking and placing areas, then shipping/receiving, and a few had more in packing.

As far as locations go, the majority (two-thirds) of our respondents experience injuries in manual handling/lifting departments. One-third had dangerous docks.

We also asked what were the top three types of injuries. Over 50% of our respondents named pulling and pushing as the biggest cause of harm to their workers.

Is the survey still running?

Those who answered our survey and gave us their addresses received a FREE set of Lift Your TableⓇ folding table risers as a thank you for the valuable information they provided to us.

If you haven’t taken our survey and would like to help us gather information about warehouse safety, you can click here to access it. Those who provide their addresses will also receive a FREE set of our folding table risers. Lift Your Table®…Save Your Back!

Interested in finding out more about these folding table risers to improve the safety and productivity of workers who use folding tables? Check out our website!


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