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Saving the earth is great… and so is saving your money! Recycling and repurposing can be a creative outlet as well. November 15 is National Recycling Day, and we’ve collected all kinds of ways to save your money and the earth. (You might be able to save your back too, while you’re at it.)


Materials that shouldn’t be trashed

Almost all electronics should be recycled instead of hurled into the trash. They often contain dangerous materials that can leak into the ground or otherwise cause damage. Search online for sites that will take your e-waste. Some office supply stores will recycle your empty printer ink cartridges for a discount on new ones.

It’s not just your old phones and computers, but even batteries should avoid the landfill.

Aluminum cans and glass bottles are easy to recycle (relatively, anyway.) Plastic bottles and some paper products are also tossed in the recyclables bin in some communities. However, although the label may claim they’re recyclable, the companies responsible for recycling might toss them in the trash instead.

Believe it or not, clothing is rapidly becoming a landfill problem. While the developed world buys a lot of “fast fashion” that isn’t designed to last very long, the less developed countries don’t want to handle that waste anymore. If the clothes are gently used, you can always donate to the thrift store.

If you have kids, you know how fast they outgrow their clothes! Instead of tossing them, pass them around to neighbors or colleagues at work whose kids might be able to use them. This is also an excellent way to save money if you swap for clothes that your kids can wear, instead of buying new ones all the time.

If the clothes are too worn out or stained to give away, turn them into dustcloths so you can stop buying so many paper towels. Or if they’re colorful you might get creative and make rugs or curtains or pillows out of them. Let your imagination run wild!



Received a gift you’re not fond of or doesn’t go with your decor? Don’t trash it, but give it to someone who doesn’t know them when the next birthday or holiday rolls around. (Or donate to a thrift shop.) There’s nothing wrong with regifting. As long as you make sure you don’t regift to the person who gave it to you in the first place!

Need a standing desk or a place where you can comfortably stand to work or craft? If you’ve got a folding table, you can easily transform it with folding table risers to loft the surface to an appropriate height. (Click here to find out more.)

Broken furniture or appliance? You might be able to repair it, or have it repaired, instead of buying a new one. If the upholstery on your chairs is torn up from children or pets, you can have it reupholstered instead of buying a new set. And you get to update your decor at the same time! 

Got a wooden table that’s scratched and scarred? A good craftsman can restore the surface to its former beauty. (Or you can learn how to DIY on YouTube.)


Let us know if you need help repurposing your folding table! Check out our store here.

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