Standard Height Table Leg Extensions

Our original product and still the most popular size of table leg extenders is the standard size. With the standard height table leg extensions, your folding table will measure approximately 36” – the height of most kitchen counters. This achieves the perfect height for displaying products and information comfortably. Preferred for people from 5’3 to about 6′ tall, the resulting table will sit just below your waist. Shop our table extenders today – your back will thank you!

Note: This set will only fit bent-leg or “wishbone” style table designs.  For folding tables with “T” or “H” designed legs, please see the “Straight Leg Kit”. (To insure you are choosing the correct riser for your style table, please check the “Yes” “No” photos on the listings or quickly contact us if you aren’t sure.)

Model in photos is 6′ tall