Does your hotel / convention center use folding tables for guests and/or employees?

You may have a BIG problem with Back Pain…

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  • According to the CDC… the cost of back pain to US companies is $225.8 Billion or $1,685/per employee per year in lost productivity alone.
  • A large number of workers and guests suffer from lower back pain due to improper ergonomics of their work environment, including those who work from folding tables in a standing capacity.

Lift Your Table®, the originator of the category, is the #1-selling folding table riser thousands of backs saved since 2011!

Guest experience first, employee safety and productivity… tired for first!

  • Lift Your Table® is a safety product to raise folding tables to enhance guest experience, save and protect worker’s backs, and increase productivity.
  • Lift the height of folding tables from seated height to counter height, bar height, or higher…quickly, safely, and without tools!
Lift Your Table® folding table risers used to create a raised sanitation station barrier.
Easy to install and easily portable.
Lift folding tables to multiple heights for multiple different jobs!

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