Do you use folding tables in your workplace?

You may have a BIG problem with Back Pain…

  • According to the CDC… the cost of back pain to US companies is $225.8 Billion or $1,685/per employee per year in lost productivity alone.
  • A large number of workers suffer from lower back pain due to improper ergonomics of their work environment, including those who work from folding tables in a standing capacity.
  • Lift Your Table® is a safety product to raise folding tables to save worker’s backs, increase productivity, and reduce worker’s compensation claims.
  • Lift the height of folding tables from seated height to counter height, bar height, or higher…quickly, safely, and without tools!

Easy to install and easily portable.

Lift folding tables to multiple heights for multiple different jobs!

Multiple Heights Available for Different Needs!

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Lift Your Table® & Save Your Back!