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How Using Ergonomic Solutions Can Boost Productivity & Profitability

Folding tables are a popular tool in many industries, providing reliable, easy-to-use workstations wherever needed. But despite their widespread use, they have a significant design flaw.

Folding tables are designed to be seated at, not stood behind. Although nearly every business, from retail stores to warehouses, use folding tables daily, these mobile workstations are rarely set at the proper height for workers.

Unfortunately, it’s too familiar for workers to be bent over low-rising folding tables for prolonged work hours. This creates an uncomfortable and unhealthy work environment, and productivity and profitability can suffer from these poor working conditions.

Companies like Lift Your Table® are providing ergonomic and functional workspaces for employees that use folding tables. Folding table extenders can quickly raise the height of any folding table to accommodate a variety of tasks, sizes, and workspaces. These durable and affordable table risers can ensure your workers have the best working conditions available.

The ROI on Ergonomic Investments

As labor shortages and rising costs hurt profit margins worldwide, many companies are looking to invest in their most significant asset, their employees. Many companies invest in ergonomic materials to improve working conditions, productivity, and employee turnover.

Boost Productivity

The main benefit of ergonomic products is that they’re built for comfort and productivity. Companies can improve the quality and efficiency of their operations by investing in ergonomic products to reduce the physical toll on workers.

It’s common for organizations to spend thousands of dollars trying to upgrade workplace systems and procedures to gain only minor improvements in productivity. Fortunately, products like folding table extenders allow companies to invest in affordable ergonomic solutions that have a great potential payoff.

Lift Your Table® improves the ergonomic height of businesses’ folding table workstations

Reduce Employee Injuries

One of the biggest myths in workplace safety is that accidents just happen. In reality, 99% of workplace accidents are preventable.

Workplace injuries aren’t just a health risk; they can significantly impact profit margins. In 2020, the total cost of work injuries topped $163.9 billion, which includes $44.8 billion in wage and productivity losses.

Ergonomic products like Lift Your Table® were built to protect workers and prevent injuries. Lift Your Table® products raise workstations to the proper height to prevent workers from bending over repeatedly, reducing harm to backs, hips, knees, necks, and more.

Avoid Fines, Penalties & Litigation

On top of productivity losses, workplace injuries can lead to exorbitant costs from fines, penalties, and litigation.

Companies should always be prepared for a visit from government agencies like OSHA to check their safety and ergonomic standards. Even if your company is current on modern workplace standards, OSHA can still fine employers liable under their General Duty Clause, Section 5 (a)(1), which keeps the workplace free from serious hazards, including ergonomic hazards.

Ergonomic solutions like table extenders can become an essential safety tool for any workplace. By utilizing these products, employers can reduce the physical impact of work tasks and prevent unnecessary fines, penalties, and litigation.

Create a Strong Safety Culture

Companies that invest in ergonomic products communicate to their employees that they’re committing to worker safety and health as a core value. Workers are the most productive and valuable when they’re happy and healthy.

Improve Employee Retention

With employer-employee relationships at a historic low, companies are investing in employee retention strategies to protect their bottom lines. Ergonomic products are a popular employee retention strategy because they can boost employee morale.

Even small investments in ergonomic products can significantly impact employee satisfaction and retention.

Lift Your Table® Solutions

Lift Your Table® has created the #1 selling folding table riser on Businesses of all sizes and industries use folding table risers because they’re durable, easy to use, and effective.

Saving the World’s Back

Companies worldwide use table risers to improve the functionality of folding tables. Most folding tables are built to be seated at. However, many workers stand at folding tables during their typical workday. Companies that force workers to bend down repeatedly may cause severe injuries to workers’ backs, hips, knees, necks, and more.

Back pain accounts for more than 264 million lost work days in the US in a single year. Workplace experts have found that many of these injuries are preventable and result from improper workplace ergonomics.

Folding table leg risers make it easy for any operation to raise workstations to the proper height for employees.

Lift Your Table® has worked with leading companies from nearly every industry to improve working conditions and protect employer profits. With Lift Your Table® folding table risers being sold in all 50 states and 20+ countries, we are quickly saving people’s backs worldwide.

How to Use Lift Your Table® 

Lift Your Table® is the #1 selling table riser because they’re easy to use. The table risers slide onto the legs of most folding tables and give workers the boost they need.

Lift Your Table®’s folding table risers are used in types of work environments, such as:

  • Warehouses
  • Shipping/Sorting/Assembly areas
  • Educational Environments
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Conferences/Trade Shows
  • Events/Weddings/DJs
  • And more

Companies of all sizes and industries worldwide use folding table leg extenders to improve productivity and workplace conditions whenever using folding tables.

Any Size, Any Need

Lift Your Table® offers a full range of options to lift most folding tables to various heights depending on customer needs and applications.

The majority of folding tables sit 28” above the floor, around knee height. Although this height is perfect for seated activities, it can cause pain when performing standing tasks. Lift Your Table® provides customers with three standard height options to customers.

Counter Height

These extenders bring folding tables up to thigh height, around 36”.

Bar Height

These extenders raise folding tables to waist height, around 42”.

XL Height

These extenders boost folding tables to chest height, around 48”.

While Lift Your Table® provides multiple options to cover various needs and applications, it’s important to note that these folding table risers don’t work on every type of table. Although Lift Your Table® folding table risers work with the most common folding tables, customers should check which type of tables they have beforehand.

All-Purpose Foot Design

Part of the innovative design behind Lift Your Table® products is the foot options. Lift Your Table® products come with two options, Original Foot or Non-Slip Foot.

The Original Foot design is perfect for workplaces where tables move around frequently without needing castors or wheels.

The Non-Slip Foot design provides extra support to create sturdier folding tables that remain stationary. Non-Slip Foot is necessary for employees working in a fast-paced environment or using heavy equipment on top of the folding tables.

Travel Friendly

Lift Your Table® products are perfect for workers who frequently travel for work. Their convenient size allows businesses to bring the ergonomic solutions they need to events, conferences, and any other mobile worksite. The pack of four folding table risers can fit in a small bag or carry-on.

Lift Your Table® products are compact and easy to store. With their compact size and stackability, businesses can store numerous Lift Your Table® risers in bins or boxes.


Companies worldwide use Lift Your Table® folding table risers because of their value. Compared to other ergonomic products and strategies that can cost companies thousands, Lift Your Table® products are affordable for any size business.

Businesses can elevate their tables and improve productivity and workplace conditions. Lift Your Table® products are built with high-quality, color-through, furniture-grade PVC plastics that are made to last.

Our Clients

As the #1 folding table riser on Amazon, Lift Your Table® is a popular ergonomic solution for many of the world’s leading businesses.

The biggest user of Lift Your Table® products is Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack. Nordstrom relies on Lift Your Table® products to provide ergonomic support at warehouses, stores, events, and more. Nordstrom relies on Lift Your Table® products because of their versatility, durability, and functionality.

Nordstrom is only one of many leading companies that use Lift Your Table® to improve productivity and workplace standards. These companies include:

  • Pepsi
  • Netflix
  • Lululemon
  • Whole Foods
  • The North Face
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Kate Spade
  • Aramark
  • Stanford

With thousands of use cases across industries like retail, logistics, hospitality, education, manufacturing, and more, Lift Your Table® products have become an essential part of workplaces worldwide.

Protecting Your Bottom Line

Companies worldwide are investing in ergonomic products like Lift Your Table® folding table risers to improve workplace conditions and productivity. Lift Your Table® products offer reliable and affordable solutions that businesses of any size or industry can use.

With billions of dollars lost each year due to workplace injuries from productivity losses, workers’ compensation claims, fines, and more, products like folding table risers have become an essential solution to protecting profit margins.

Investing in folding table risers can protect your employees while securing your company’s future.

Therefore, when you need to improve your workstations, remember to Lift Your Table® & Save Your Back!

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Lift Your Table® & Save Your Back!

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